A bed for a dog with your own hands or a choice of finished product in the store

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When a pet appears in the house, you should worry about creating a comfortable environment for it. This is not only reflected in the definition of a feeding place. For him, you should prepare your own corner for sleep. The best solution is a bought or created bed for the dog with their own hands. There are many options for making a house, which uses different improvised materials. The most interesting ideas are outlined in the article.

Rules of the election of a ready bed or sofa for a dog

A pet should have its own comfortable and comfortable place to relax. In the store you can buy a bed for the dog, taking into account its size and breed. The sleeping place can also be made independently from fabric, wood, cardboard, plywood and other various materials.

Dog beds are classified depending on the breed. There are sleeping places for animals large, medium and small.

A bed for a dog with your own hands or a choice of finished product in the store

For small and medium breeds of dogs should choose semi-closed or closed sunbeds. Such cribs should be equipped with high sides, which creates additional comfort for the pet and a sense of security. This option is also suitable for beds and phlegmatics, which will be convenient to observe what is happening in the room, lying on a soft side of medium height.

For energetic and active pets it is better to choose pillows for dogs or models with low sides. Daring and aggressive dogs will suit the anti-vandal version of the sunbed, which is able to tolerate contact with the claws and teeth of the pet. A bed for a large dog can be a simple mattress.

Useful advice! The presence of boards in the sunbed for the dog provides reliable protection of the pet from drafts.

An important criterion when choosing a ready-made sunbed for a pet is the material from which the product is made. It must meet the requirements of eco-friendliness, durability, durability, safety, well to pass air.

Such recommendations should be taken into account when determining the size of the design. The width of the structure is chosen based on the distance from the nose to the base of the dog’s tail with a 25-30 cm intake. The depth of the product should be 20 cm more than the height of the pet.

Important! The right bed for the pet will contribute to its comfortable stay on it, providing protection of the animal from diseases of the joints and kidneys.

The form of performance of the sunbed is chosen based on the temperament of the pet. For an animal that likes to sleep curled up, you can buy an oval or round sunbed with small sides around the circle. For dogs, which are conveniently arranged in a dream, pulling the paws forward, the best solution will be rectangular models.

Constructive execution of bed-and-nots for dogs

Depending on the constructive performance, the beds can be presented in the form of a sofa, sofa, beds, cradle, basket, house, arena or soft litter without a hard case.

The latter option is preferable for large breeds of dogs. At the same time, it is necessary to give preference to models, which at the bottom is a coating in the form of pimples or rubber bands, which will extend the life of the product. This is the most budget type of sunbed, outside decorated with a dense cloth, and inside filled with foam. A more durable and durable option is a quilted mattress, which is not lost during operation in lumps. It can be purchased in the finished form or made from a suitable fabric. To do this, it is better to choose the material “anti-claw.”

A bed with sides is also an inexpensive option. It is presented with a mattress with soft sides 10-15 cm high. The product can be performed on a wooden or metal frame. There are models on the legs, so that the height of the sleeper increases, providing protection of the pet from drafts.

A sofa for dogs is a smaller copy of the traditional piece of furniture. This design is made using the same technology as for people. The product consists of a frame, filler and uptomy fabric. Such a sunbed can be additionally equipped with a removable case, pillows and a blanket. The analogue of the sofa is a crib with wooden sides and a mattress.

For the most shy little friends, the ideal option is a cot for the dog in the form of a small house, which can be open or closed. It is mostly made in a wooden frame, covered with soft material or leather. There are insulated versions of houses for small breeds of dogs that are extremely sensitive to cold.

The basket is similar to a sunbed with rollers. However, it is made of plastic or weaved from the vine. Inside is a comfortable soft mattress. Today, you can find a unique model, which combines sunbed, cabin and litter. The product has an oval shape and is made in the form of a soft mattress. There is a zipper around the circle, which unfastens the products upwards, turning it into a small house with a soft roof.

The benefits of creating bedbeds for a dog with your own hands

Today, specialty stores have a wide range of bed-and-down dogs of different shapes, sizes and design. However, when buying a quality product, which was used expensive wear-resistant and practical fabric, a good filler, will have to spend a lot.

You can save a lot by creating a unique creation by making a bed for the dog with your own hands. To do this, there are many ideas, for the implementation of which are used simple improvised materials and household things.

A home-made design can create any shape and size, taking into account not only the size and breed of the animal, but also the availability of space in the house. The sleeping area in this case will be able to arrange in a strictly designated area for it, which will not only be convenient for the pet, but also will not create discomfort for households.

It is possible to sew a bed for the dog with the prospect of growing an animal, given the features of the breed. The product can have an interesting shape, design, so it will not only be comfortable for the pet, but will also please the eye of the owners, cause admiration of guests.

Homemade bed is the best solution for creative people, because when creating it you can show its full potential, original taste, while emphasizing individuality.

What to consider when creating a sleeping place for a dog

Before you sew your hands on the bed for the dog, it is worth considering some points. First of all, you should decide on the place. To do this, a secluded corner is chosen, protected from drafts.

It is necessary that the place was stationary and did not move in the absence of need. It should also not be passable, which will create comfort for the animal. One of the requirements is a good view of the room, because it is important for a pet to always see its owner.

Before you sew a bed for the dog, you should take care of the right choice of fabric. It must be quite dense and durable. The canvas should be well washed and quickly dried. The ideal option is a fabric that repels water and wool.

The type of fabric is chosen based on the breed of pet. Smooth-haired dogs will be more comfortable to settle on the bed of velour, plush, flok, corduroy, felt, which accumulate and keep warm. Pets with thick hair will like a sleeping place made of linen, cotton, jeans or tapestry. For a large animal you can make a litter even from the carpet.

Important! The dog bed should not be sewn from synthetic tissue, which accumulates a charge of static electricity and can provoke allergic reactions.

You need to pay attention to the color of the fabric. It is worth giving preference to fine print in calm pastel tones. Too light colors will quickly get dirty, and on very dark mattresses more visible wool.

Sleeping size and sunbed filler

Before you make your own hands bed for the dog, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the sleeping place and its constructive execution, which is chosen based on the size of the pet and his favorite position during sleep. The bed should be created taking into account the puppy’s growing up and changing his habits with age.

Large breeds like to sleep with outstretched paws, so the sleeping place should have a rectangular shape with small sides. For a small dog to like will have a cozy foam house with high sides.

Stuffing is important. Hollofiber and Synthepon are unsuitable for such purposes. The material is able to hold the fat of a pet. Nor should the feather and fluff, which are the habitat of microbes and parasites, be used. A good option would be a 35-45 foam.

The best solution for making a sunbed for a large dog is the use of coconut fiber. It is an environmentally friendly material that is not tracked, does not absorb moisture and is very durable. He doesn’t need special care. It is enough to wash it periodically under a hot shower and dry well.

Useful advice! For a small dog it is better to arrange a house on a stand, because such pets often freeze.

Decorating the bed for the dog should be given a minimum of attention. The presence of beads, bows, various hanging things will cause interest in the pet, who will want to tear them off, gnaw and swallow. When creating a soft bed, special attention is paid to the quality of the threads: they should be as strong as possible.

Article on the topic:

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How to determine the size, type of attachment and cladding. Basic materials for manufacturing, instructions and drawings.

On the bed for the dog it is better to put a removable pillow, which can be periodically washed. It is desirable to make a few pieces of them. For the bed can also sew two covers: from warm fabric – for winter, flax or cotton – for summer.

Important! Periodically, the animal’s sleeper should be treated with anti-parasitic means.

Creating a bed for the dog from a sweater with his own hands involves the following actions. The first thing is a horizontal line from one armpit to another. The result should be two parts. The larger lower element will be the bottom of the bed, and the chest area and sleeves form the sides of the bed.

The lower part is stuffed with the chosen filler. You can also use an old pillow of the right size. The resulting bag should be tightly stitched with threads or pulled off with a lace. The next step is to sew up the sleeves. The process is carried out in such a way that they form a tunnel, which through the collar must be filled with filler.

Important! The side of the bed should be quite elastic, which will provide better comfort for the pet and more durable operation.

Then the neck is sewn up. The sleeve board is attached to the perimeter of the sunbed to the bottom of the structure. The result is a soft sofa for the dog with his own hands.

For a wooden sunbed will need boards of the necessary size. You don’t have to use new elements. You can disassemble the old wooden structure, all its details are good to wash and perform sawed boards on the blanks of the required parameters.

Four wooden elements will be needed for the bed. One is used for the bottom of the structure, and the other three are created by its sides. Self-cutters should be used to attach the elements. Nails must be discarded because they can cause injuries to the animal. The heads of self-cutters should be drowned in a cavity of material, so that the pet did not cling to them. To strengthen the structure, it is advisable to use additional metal corners.

A wooden sunbed for a large bed can be supplemented with a bollard, which is convenient to fold the toys of the pet. For a comfortable rest of the dog the bed is covered with a bedor or pillows.

You can also create a wooden sunbed for the dog from the old pallet, using it as the base of the structure and complementing the wooden sides (you can do without them). Suitable for such purposes and a box of wood of the required size.

How to sew a bed for a dog with your hands out of fabric

Before you sew your hands for the dog bed (photo patterns can be found on the Internet) should prepare a dense fabric, material for padded, paper for drawing, scissors for cutting, thick threads and sewing machine.

Useful advice! Most types of fabrics sit down after washing, so before sewing the material is recommended to soak, dry and iron.

In the first stage, the paper is made to pattern the bed for the dog, based on the size of the animal. The length of the structure must correspond to the length of the animal with elongated front paws, and the width should not be less than the height of the pet. Two parts are patterned: the bottom of the structure and its sides. It should be provided for the seams and a reserve for bends on the edges of the sides in case of framing the sunbed with a rubber band.

Made with his own hands pattern for the dog bed is applied to the fabric on which it is outlined in chalk. Three sides and the bottom of the product are cut with scissors. Then you stitch the items. To get a more accurate product, the places of seams should be fastened with straight stitches.

Useful advice! The edges of the blanks are previously recommended to be treated with an overlock, so that they do not crumble, and the bed served longer.

When stitching the elements should leave room for the insertion of the filler, and then finally sew the edges of the product. The sides are connected by braid or thin strips of fabric. They can be untied and enlarged if necessary. It is desirable to sew the board among themselves, which will make the product more durable and durable.

Other versions of the hand-made sunbed for the dog made of cloth
It is possible to make a round bed for the dog from the fabric. The pattern of the product consists of two elements: the bottom and the side on the contour of the structure. The last element is made in the form of a ring with an internal diameter equal to the size of the bottom, and the outer element is selected depending on the height of the board. For the bottom, two starts are taken into account – the outer and the gap for the cut under the bottom.

Two fabric options can be chosen for the bottom. For the lower side, which will be in contact with the floor, it is recommended to choose a denser option in the form of burlap or jeans. The top is better to perform from more decorative material.

The bottom is stitched together with a pillow and filled with filler. The circumference is sewn side in the form of a tunnel, which is filled with piting. At the top of the board around the perimeter is provided with a sleeve for gum or tape.

The bed for a large dog with his own hands can be made in the form of a mattress. This will require a dense fabric for tailoring the case and filler. It is better to make the case removable, so that it can periodically wash. To do this, a zipper should be inserted into one of the sides.

To create a mattress for the dog from the fabric cut two blanks of the same size, which are stitched with each other face inside, leaving a hole for the filler. You can also sew rectangular inserts around the perimeter, the width of which is equal to the height of the padded. The filler should be put in several layers.

How to make a bed for a dog with your own hands in the form of a house

The bed for a small dog can be performed in the form of a house. For the frame of the design will need a conventional packaging cardboard. In order for the material to gain the necessary stiffness and strength, it should be impregnated on both sides diluted with PVA glue or water-polymer emulsion and well dried. Dogs won’t be gnawing on such cardboard.

The first step is to draw a future design with the detailof of each element. The size of the house is chosen based on the breed and size of the pet. The drawing is created in such a way that all its elements are folded like a cardboard cube. It provides an entrance, the width of which should be 5 cm larger than the breast of the animal. The height of the design should correspond to the full height of the pet.

According to the hand-drawn pattern of the dog’s bed, the photo of which can be found on the Internet, the ceiling, walls, floor and roof of cardboard are cut. The blanks are superimposed on a whole piece of cloth, from which you get two elements with a suquis. The front and back walls of the structure are cut separately.

Each design element is stitched in two parts. There is cardboard in the inner cavity. At the same time, you should leave room for filling. It is necessary to outline and stretch the lines that distinguish the walls from the floor, the roof from the walls, as well as to perform a seam between adjacent walls. In each compartment is inserted foam from the inside of the house.

Useful advice! A more simplified option is to paste the cardboard case with foam from the inside and frame with a cloth on both sides.

The frame of the house can be made of plywood. To do this, on the basis of the drawing, the components of the design are cut: four for the wall, two for the roof and one for the floor. The cut-off places should be carefully cleaned with sandpaper. Details are fixed among themselves with screws and carpentry glue. Such a house can be painted with a freezer on the outside, pasted with a cloth with filler from the inside.

How to make a bed for a dog: unusual decisions

The bed with your own hands can not only be sewn or knocked down from wood. To do this, often use pieces of furniture, decor or other variety of materials.

For a medium-sized pet, you can arrange a sleeping place in an old suitcase. For convenience, a dog mat is placed inside. The little animal will like the house from the basket, which is ennobled by a soft litter. For small individuals, you can arrange a sleeping place in a box wall or closet, which already has a board. For convenience, the interior space is pasted with foam and a dense cloth. Such a sunbed can be placed on furniture legs.

Decor items or other variety of materials are often used to make a sleeping place for a dog

The original solution will be to use the bedside table as a bedside for the dog in the apartment, from which you should take out all the things, remove the partitions and door. Often sawed in the nightstand on the side of the entrance, hanging it with a decorative curtain. If the house has an old dresser, it can also make a pet sleeper. To do this, the lower boxes are extracted. Plywood sheets are attached at the base and on the sides. A soft mattress is placed on the bottom.

A comfortable wooden sofa can be obtained from an old table, which should cut off the legs. If you use a coffee table, the pet should be placed on its bottom shelf, laying there mat. A comfortable sofa is easy to arrange from an old chair or an ordinary office chair with armrests. As a sleeping place will also suit an old children’s bath, in which put pillows.

Creative and unusual will look a bed for a dog from an inverted wooden barrel or car tire. You can arrange a sleeping place in an old lamp TV or a monitor. To do this, take out the entire internal “stuffing”, leaving only the frame. Inside the space is covered with foam and cloth.

How to care for a sleeping place for a dog with your own hands

Sleeper for the dog should be kept clean, which will not only ensure order and a healthy environment in the apartment, but also protect the pet from possible pest infestation and the development of allergic reactions.

One or two times a month it is recommended to carry out preventive treatment of the dog’s own litter with special anti-parasitic sprays. It is necessary to regularly clean the litter from the animal’s fur, as its excessive accumulation can cause an unpleasant smell in the room. In addition, flying fur clubs negatively affect the health of other residents of the apartment or house.

Everyday hygienic cleaning should be carried out using animal-friendly stain removers and odor neutralizers, which will help to maintain the hygienic cleanliness of the sleeping area.

For the sunbed should be provided a protective cover, which can be easily removed for further washing. It is recommended to produce at least 2-3 times a month, which is determined by the quality of the material and the intensity of pollution. When the case is replaced, the mattress is knocked out.

Regardless of the sunbed material, it must be cleaned monthly at home

Useful advice! To disinfect the sunbed, it can be periodically treated with a steam generator.

In a place allocated for rest and sleep of a pet, should be regularly carried out dry and wet cleaning.

A dog bed is a necessary element to ensure the comfort of the animal in the house. The convenience of a four-legged friend depends on the correct choice of size, shape and design option. It can be purchased in the finished form or made independently from improvised materials, using one of the above ideas.

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