Acoustic insulation of walls using rock wool

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Acoustic insulation of walls using rock wool

There are many ways and means by which to isolate voice against the walls , but I will remind you here that the surest way to you by providing raw materials on the one hand , on the other hand you do not need complex equipment , and technicians

This method is using insulation ( rock wool )

Rock wool used with high efficiency in the application of thermal insulation and acoustic insulation and prevent the spread of fire which provides all of these advantages at the same time so as to distinguish it by a factor of thermal conductivity is very low, and its ability to absorb sound waves falling on them .

Rockwool is characterized as an open celled , which can absorb most of the sound waves falling on it .. The sound absorption has been tested for several types of rock wool
And according to American Standard ASTM C423 , where the results showed sound absorption coefficient is very high.

The use of rock wool insulation voice :

Are lining the outer walls (from inside ) with rock wool
And sold in the form of sheets or rolls .. And various fish ( 2.5 and 5 cm and 10 cm).

What you need here thickness of 5 cm .. Whether using two layers of thickness of 2.5 cm between the two Plastic
Or by using a single layer thickness of 5 cm .

1 – Installation of wooden purlins size 5 x 5 cm down the wall to be isolated .
2 – Installation of wooden purlins size 5 x 5 cm vertically above for which supplies have been installed previously, and diverge from each other a distance equal to the display board or roll rock wool .
3 – Installation of wooden purlins similar to the lower purlins at the top of the wall.

4 – Install rock wool between segments and vertical menus for the upper and lower supplies
With screws installed with great response so as not to penetrate the bolts rock wool strips .

5 – shingles are installed cement ( concrete slabs ) or gypsum panels to cover the rock wool panels and install to menus screws also .

Acoustic insulation of walls using rock wool

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