Advantages and disadvantages of dry feeds for cats and dogs

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Dry food has been logged in pet food. Owners of dogs and cats have the convenience of such feed-it doesn’t need to cook porridge, buying meat and bones, specifically to prepare it. Everything is simple-got out the packaging, put in a bowl and all. The question is whether such a diet the nutrients for the growth and development of the pet, there is a difference in comparison with the natural feeding? Today we’ll talk about it.

First of all, let’s think about why the animal need food. It is needed to produce energy for life. It is important to remember that the amount of energy the dog spends a day, depends on its way of life. Therefore, active dog that every day gets exercise, you need to get more food or food with more calories than the dog, which lies on the couch and went to walk in 5 minutes. Puppy requires more energy than an adult dog, a young dog is bigger than the old one.

Advantages and disadvantages of dry feeds for cats and dogs

The animal will remain in good shape only when it will receive from food as much energy as waste. Lack of energy obtained from food, drain, weakening of immunity and animal diseases. The surplus of nutrients leads to obesity. Therefore, it is important to know when to stop.

Dry food are divided by a system: economy class (the lowest you can find in any supermarket), premium and super-premium class. Unfortunately, using low-grade dry dog food (economy class), pets again after a short period of time to eat, so they have to finish feeding mothers. If you are using a premium or super-premium food class, add nothing.

No one would deny that dry food is much cheaper than other types of food for animals. Its creators claim that it is good for health supplies, because all the components it strictly balanced. In addition, the feed allows the prevention of oral diseases in animals, remove plaque and Tartar from the teeth clean.

This ailment leads to gingivitis, unpleasant smell from the mouth, the periodontal tissues diseases, provision of pus from the gums and loss of teeth in the animals. And dry food helps clean teeth and are an excellent prevention of dental diseases, so they are very popular among professional breeders and hobbyists.

Another great advantage of using dry food is convenient transportation, especially if you like to travel with their pets.

As for the disadvantages of such feeding when you feed your dog ready to feed, you are creating a new problem: the “balanced” feed toxins and slags in reality only increases the body’s need for high-quality nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids, which are necessary for combating toxic lesions of the body. If there is not enough-that usually happens, your pet has serious health problems.

Dry dog food of low grades, usually poorly digested and possess a high level of fiber, which can lead to the development of kidney stones. Low-quality feed and forgery can contain harmful chemicals (including all sorts of waste from slaughterhouses, food waste, inedible filler, heavy metals, sugar, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, synthetic artificial dyes, flavorings and preservatives), as well as an incorrect balance of substances. Also in the diet of the animal other than dry food is not recommended to include other products, even if the animal is very fond of them.

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