Advantages of basalt insulation Rockwool

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Advantages of basalt insulation Rockwool –¬†Throughout the world , not yet invented an officially recognized method of detecting the durability of thermal insulation fibrous materials , which would be expressed in terms of the likelihood of exploitation . Despite this , the company developed an internal Rockwool¬†valuation techniques to determine the purity of rockwool slabs in terms of their use in the construction of various structures .

Also conducted observations of the behavior of basalt insulation since 1937 – the initial release of products under the brand Rockwool. Based on this , we can conclude that the lifetime of basalt insulation is at least about fifty years , given the compliance recommendations of the manufacturer , which are associated with the technical conditions of operation.

You can highlight the benefits of insulation core designs in residential construction using mineral wool :

– Reducing heating costs by reducing power boilers and reduce operating costs ;

– Making the most favorable conditions indoors;

– Extend the life of load-bearing structures .

In 1995, the first time during the mass construction of buildings were increased thermal performance , first in 2.5, then 3.5 times . As a result , when comparing costs in percentage terms it turns out that one hundred percent after costs of introducing new requirements are converted into 40%.

Soundproofing Acoustic Batts . Mineral wool is a perfect material used not only for the thermal insulation of buildings , but also for their soundproofing. Rockwool insulation is composed of randomly arranged fibers of basalt rock intervals are filled with air and connected with each other . Having a unique structure, rock wool has excellent acoustic properties : markedly improves the impact sound insulation and air building.

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