Advantages of panoramic glazing technology

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Advantages of panoramic glazing technology

Panoramic windows are not just a popular trend in the design of interiors and exteriors, but a completely functional, useful and profitable technology. Of course, the aspect of ecstatic qualities in this case plays a predominant role, but this does not mean that otherwise this type of glazing in some way loses to analogues. Panoramic glazing of balconies and loggias is as common as a similar technology for private houses. For apartment premises, it is not possible to replace the load-bearing walls with transparent structures, so the bet is made on loggias and balconies. Very often, such initially low-functional living areas are transformed into offices, game rooms, miniature analogues of winter gardens. The equipment of balconies with full glazing should be appropriate6 at least an automatic sun protection system.

Sheathing of balconies inside

Pros of panoramic windows

Although the main recommendation for the installation of panoramic glazing in apartments is the presence of a large balcony, narrow loggias can also be transformed. Modern companies provide comprehensive services, the decoration of balconies and loggias on a turnkey basis with full glazing is also taken into account. Advantages of the technology:

– visual increase in space – glass and mirror surfaces are one of the key tools if you need to visually expand a small room;

– more natural light – even taking into account the fact that the balcony will be glazed, the adjacent room will receive a lot of sunlight;

– aesthetic qualities – especially for frameless structures, glazing looks presentable, expensive and impressive;

– safety and reliability – to form the structure of a fully glazed balcony or loggia, special, reinforced glass is used.

Not the most obvious plus of this format of decoration is a natural obstacle to the littering of the balcony, which often happens in apartments. A fully glass loggia will no longer allow you to use the space so freely as a warehouse.

Installation features

Obviously, even the most modern construction technology is not flawless. However, proper installation and use of appropriate materials allows you to level out the potential disadvantages of full glazing. The choice of double-glazed windows for installation should be taking into account the fact that in winter the heat loss of a completely glass balcony will be large. To hide the space of the balcony from prying eyes outside, a special tinted coating is used. To reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays in the daytime peak will help roller blinds and blinds.

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