Advantages of electric heating radiators

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Currently, electric batteries are popular, as prices for central heating slightly increased. In private homes too many owners prefer to install such batteries, good choice on the market today is very large. Advantages of electric heating radiators.

Types of radiators to electric heating?

Of all the electric batteries is allocated three basic types:

Fan Heater.
Oil radiators.
They are all designed for local heating and can be produced in two types – stationary and portable.

Landlines are used for direct heating of a premise, they are perfectly suitable for private homes in which people reside permanently. Portable can be rearranged as in the room and other rooms.


All electric heating radiators are divided into three types:

electric heating radiators wall;

The advantages of using electric radiators heating

The popularity of electric radiators originated not just so they have a huge number of advantages when using batteries in the systems of local heating.

Advantages of electric heating radiators

home their advantage is the quick heating of the room. Its installation will not take much time, and thanks to the good heat transfer.

absence of expenses on installation and maintenance install batteries may any person, it is quite simple, and to maintain this type of battery requires extremely rare, since he has a reliable automatic, designed for continuous service life of 20-25 years;
not Burns oxygen;
Working noiselessly.

capable of long time support installed in the room temperature.
possesses high efficiency.
allows to significantly save on monthly payment of communal payments.
has a high heat dissipation.
absolutely safe in operation and economics.
resistant to changes in voltage in the network.
suitable for heating the apartment, Office or private house.

Install electric radiators for heating

All electric heating radiators can be connected to a network, but more powerful heaters are better connected to three-phase, with a nominal voltage of 220 v.

This process can easily be conducted independently, it does not have to receive different permissions from the Housing.

These radiators are very often is an excellent option at full absence of centralized heating or having difficulties connecting to it. That is to say that electric radiators is a good fallback for humans, which makes it easy to heat holiday homes. In homes where you don’t live permanently, to conduct local heating of the total system is simply impractical, much better to buy electric heating radiators.

For smaller homes fit radiators is a very common variant of heating. He is mobile and may be a good solution if you need to warm up the room quickly.

Advantages of electric heating radiators

Despite the fact that most electric battery used on the cottages, many residents of apartments also are moving at such a heated, as it allows you to independently adjust the temperature and less pay for heating.

How much are electric heating radiators?

The average price of electric heating radiators will depend on the type of the device. Convectors will cost a bit more expensive than thermal electrical fan, but the final cost depends on material manufacture and manufacturer, as well as technical characteristics.


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