Air conditioning in the inverter control

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Air conditioning in the inverter control

Inverter air conditioner – it split system for inverter control. Everything is much easier than actually sounds at first.

Conventional air conditioners work like regular refrigerators – cooled air. You just need to put the right temperature . Then turn on your air conditioner and brings the room temperature to the one you have programmed . When the temperature reaches the set level , temperature sensors stop the compressor and the air conditioner stops to heat and cool . Then the machine waits until the temperature in the room , again changes to a value that is ” hardwired ” into the microprocessor. Always one or two degrees.

Also, all modern air conditioners worth protecting from the fast reconnection. This means that if, for some reason, the temperature sensor will give the order to re- start the compressor after a while , after he passed out , then the air conditioner does not turn on right away , but with a slight delay. This function is needed in order to avoid further rapid wear of the compressor , because the main stress falls on a time when the air conditioner is turned on. This is because the compressor is lubricated with oil during operation , which is dissolved in Freon . Installation of a split system price can be different , but it’s better not to spare money and hire a professional who will install it .

Now we go back to the inverter . Inverter – an electronic device that allows you to adjust the speed of the motor in the compressor. Thanks to this device turns out to avoid opening and closing of the air conditioner .

You probably will say , and what’s the difference ? The difference is big. Due to the inverter control is obtained not only extend the life of the air conditioner , but also save a few percent of its electricity . These units are able to operate for a long time with a power that far exceeds the nameplate . On the remote control for the majority of air conditioners is the button ” mode high power .” In this room can be heated or cooled faster if you wish.

Inverter air conditioners maintain the desired temperature more accurately and do not let her jump . Also when using these types of far less risk of catching a cold because it dries and cools down . Installation of ventilation in a country house – it is a long time job, so it is best to entrust it to professionals .

Air conditioning in the inverter control

Inverter air conditioners operate more quietly than others. This is good if this kind of installation has been installed in a house outside the city, where at night complete peace and quiet , and can interfere with sleep even the slightest rustle .

All the air conditioners of the world can change not only the performance of the compressor, the fan and outdoor and indoor . These characteristics allow for a much stronger lower noise, which publishes the device and improve air quality.

In what areas of inverter air conditioners use ? First and foremost , these are the rooms where higher comfort requirements are : children’s room, bedroom , office. If tenants spend much time in the living room , the air conditioner will not be superfluous and there.


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