Air cooled chillers

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Air cooled chillers-Cooling the coolant – a task that is relevant in many settings, not only in the enterprises, but also in a residential area. Development of a design apparatus for cooling a coolant is conducted continuously, and their functionality during progress improved.

The principle of operation of chillers and Scope

One variety of refrigeration systems for cooling the coolant are chillers, which are intended for selection of excessive heat using refrigerants. As a result, the cooled coolant is supplied to the consumer, such as fan coil units.

Chillers are often used in different types of structures: industrial buildings, office buildings, as well as commercial and residential premises. Depending on the object where you want to place a refrigeration unit, the company “AerGrupp” is ready to offer a few modifications chillers:

For outdoor installation (most often used in the case of placing on a flat roof or balcony). Cooling unit for the coolant is an axial fan.

For the confined space (usually installed in basements, in the attic). In such devices installed centrifugal air fans.
For indoor installation with outdoor seating condenser unit.

Advantages of chillers sold by “AerGrupp”

Company “AerGrupp” implements chillers Aermec, which have several advantages, allowing to reach the huge popularity:

Modern equipment in the production, which allows to reach the maximum quality, accuracy and reliability of the equipment;

In the manufacture of equipment, use only high-quality materials and advanced, which are the result of many years of research staff;

Maximum energy savings, which is perfectly combined with a quiet and trouble-free operation of devices;

Attractive cost of equipment in conjunction with a strong network of service.
As for the prospects of the industry, the market presents a number of new devices that support JavaScript Free Cooling, is to use a conventional outdoor air and provide the desired flow temperature without compressors. As a result, the efficiency of the refrigeration unit cooling air increases about 10 times, and the energy consumption for operation is reduced by 25-30%.

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