All on the shelves the shelves in the Interior of the House

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Rack is furniture design consisting of multi-tiered shelves for storing different items. The advantage of shelving is the ability to make the most effective use of space. Racks can accommodate a large number of items, and provide convenient access to them.

The House shelving can be installed in various places. Are they in pantries, libraries, classrooms, and living rooms. The advantage of shelving in their lightness, especially when compared to the cabinets and furniture panels. Racking is all-purpose furniture, you can place them all you want, you can put them anywhere, and stylistic choices is the mass.

Variety of racks

Classic rack is several tiers of shelves, which are fixed on the sides of the racks. Features of this rack is that it does not have the rear walls, and often-and side. Classic rack is the most simple and lightweight construction. Designed to place in pantries, closets, kitchens, and bathrooms that are made in high-tech style country.

Bookcases and wall are more than impressive racking systems. These racks are the side walls, and sometimes the back. Quite long shelves are separated by partitions of the partition. Some shelves can be closed doors. Bottom of this design may be drawers or cabinets. Also, in this construction, often in the center of the space under the tv.
The racks can be suspended, fixed on the wall.

All on the shelves the shelves in the Interior of the House

Shelving unit-cylinder is another very effective model. Rotating cylinder racks are often in shops, but also in Home Interior can look fine. In the racks conveniently place small objects, it can be various collection drives works of art photographs, and other pleasant things.

Built-in shelves belong to a separate category. For built-in shelving needed niche, which will be equipped with shelves.
Choices of different interesting models of shelving a lot. So, for example, looks quite original shelves-grilles. These shelves are interlocking shelves and dividers, they most often lack side and rear walls. This design can be installed on the floor or hung on the wall. Most of all its modern interiors.

Modern shelves look original by skewness and aliasing the shelves and partitions, curved and rounded elements. But such racks will not fit the strict classical interiors.

For the manufacture of racks typically use materials such as wood, chipboard and MDF. These racks will fit any style of Interior. Modern interiors are nice will be shelving with glass shelves. It stands in the racks are made of metal or wood. There are options and plastic shelving, they fit more to dressing and storerooms.

Cabinets for the home. Everything on the shelves, Rack is furniture design of the multi-tiered shelves for storage, Used in residential interiors are met ready stationary, For example, if the ceiling in a loft-style home, How functional and originally put bookcases and shelves in the Interior, as well as make from your library, Useful articles about interior design and home design. All of this is stored without special conditions at its normal temperature, In the premises of the three walls are floor-to-ceiling shelves of Everything on the shelves.

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