Do you already have a Bio Fireplace ?

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Do you already have a Bio Fireplace ?

How to create comfort in the home , add warmth and surprise guests? Buy Bio Fireplace that shines and warms through pure biofuels. This center has become a fashionable trend of recent years , as it is eco-friendly , safe and fit into the interior of any room , and small desktop models bio fireplaces can settle permanently on your desktop.

The principal difference between bio fireplaces from traditional stoves and fireplaces – the fuel used . In this case, we have not simulated in the form of electric illumination , but a real fire. Only instead of wood and coal burning Bio fuel oil is safe for human health.

Thus, Bio Fireplace supports a living flame, but it does not emit smoke , odor and smoke. To build and install Fireplaces do not require complex engineering solutions , introduced at the stage of building a house or apartment for a major redevelopment of the organization smoke . For it is not even necessary , and the chimney .

Set Bio Fireplace can be anywhere . If the fireplace was previously available only to people living in the private sector , and residents of apartments and dream of such could not , at the present time is not such a rarity Bio Fireplace in the apartment. What can I say – XXI century . We must use all the available benefits of civilization !

The device Bio

His foundation – furnace , which is mounted tank for biofuels made ​​of stainless steel and special burner. Formed during the combustion flame is bright and clean , does not emit sparks, soot , fumes and smoke. Combustion rate can be adjusted easily . To do this, use cover- slider, which is equipped with a heating unit .

It should be noted convenience filling the heating unit. Thanks to ” offset ” system of charging is convenient to pour the liquid fuel into it . This minimizes the risk of fires and burns. Material of the heating unit – Two millimeter stainless steel. Because of this ( at high temperatures), it is not deformed . Importantly, the device can reduce power flashback and prevents the formation of so-called ” explosive cloud .”

Bio-fireplace is decorated with revetted and fire-resistant glass , painted steel , granite, marble, wood veneer and other materials. As a result, Bio Fireplace can have the most incredible shape, so that had to satisfy even professional decorators and lovers of the most extravagant interiors.

Bio fuels and heat

Seasoned with a special focus fuel , based on ethanol – the usual alcohol. But , as the free sale of purified ethanol disabled, the use of biofuels as denatured alcohol. It is not harmful to the environment. Combustion heat ethanol accompanied by carbon dioxide and water vapor. These chemicals are relatively harmless , but still need some slightly open window and periodically aired.

It all depends on the size of Bio , because large outdoor Bio Fireplace in active operation can include a significant amount of carbon dioxide , in contrast to a small enough options , the amount of CO2 emitted which is comparable to the usual breathing person. The process of burning meth looks beautiful and forms a spectacular flames .

Do you already have a Bio Fireplace

Biofuels are mainly released into canisters with a capacity of 2.5 and 5 liters . The average flow rate of 0.36 liters of fuel per hour of burning. From this it follows that Biofireplace with 2.5 liter heating unit will continuously burn for about 10 hours. Since the efficiency of the heating unit for more than 95 %, it will remain in the room , almost all generated heat . Thermal performance of the heating unit Bio , which runs on denatured alcohol , about 4 kilowatts per hour (equivalent to two ordinary electric heaters ) .

Several arguments in favor of environmentally friendly bio fireplaces

used as a fuel is clean , friendly to the environment raw materials – bioethanol ;
it is fed to the combustion of a proprietary burner that will not allow the evaporation of liquid fuels;
Flame Fireplaces does not emit soot and smoke ;
Biofuels are not dangerous to human health and the environment. It does not cause allergic reactions and non-toxic ;
biofuel combustion occurs with the release of carbon dioxide minimum ( about as much as is produced from the burning of two wax candles ) ;
Fireplaces can be used for aromatherapy (sold in matching sets ) .

Several arguments in favor of bio fireplaces security

After analyzing the types of fireplaces for safety , you can make such a rating :

The first place is occupied by all types of fireplaces on the power supply , since they are not sources of ignition.
Second place among the fireplaces in general and among the first centers open fire where the flames are produced for Bio . Flames from the burners in it securely protected with refractory screen . It is necessary to remember that the closer than a foot away from any source of fire is dangerous to keep flammable objects .
The third place was occupied by gas fireplaces . By the level of security they outperform conventional , but we must not forget that the gas is also explosive substance.
At the last security is a traditional fireplace . Sparks, smoke , faulty valve chimney – all risk factors. In addition , he and the first place on the complexity of installation and maintenance – its owner will have to regularly remove ash and clean the chimney every year .

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