An indicator flashes on the dishwasher

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This blocks the flow of electricity to the safety valve and stops the flow of water until the bugs are completely resolved. At the same time, water begins to be pumped out of the plinth. Usually, the error of e15 in Bosch dishwashers is almost non-fatal, as this manufacturer takes the safety system from leaks with particular seriousness.

But in rare cases, you can cope with it yourself and without unnecessary costs. What to do if your dishwasher highlights the error of e15? The best solution would be to read the user’s instructions.

For what reasons the “crane” on the panel burns or flashes
So in the pallet accumulated more than 0.2l of liquid, which slowed down the functionality of the machine. In order to ensure that your dishwasher does not issue an e15 error, it is necessary to approach its operation with care, not to overload, to indulge with cleaning products, accessories for care.

Error codes are usually listed in the manual of operation of the device, and the manufacturer of the equipment described the error of the E15 dishwasher Bosch. In some situations, you will need to get a built-in machine and turn it over. These actions will require time and the use of physical force.

When the E15 code is displayed on the display, the system reports that water may have entered the pallet. It is also assumed that the float is stuck. The appearance of the Bosch E15 dishwasher is a common occurrence. And such a problem can be solved independently, without wasting time and money on the challenge of the master.

An indicator flashes on the dishwasher

It is enough to carefully examine further recommendations.

Do not forget about safety when working with any electrical appliances. Bosch can try to fix the E15 dishwasher error on your own. To do this, it is recommended first of all to disconnect the power cord.
Then you should tilt the body of the unit at 45 degrees. These manipulations will help in removing water from the pallet. The machine, freed from the liquid, is thoroughly dried.

Does the E15 error code appear on the display? This code signals that somewhere there was a leak, so the water withdrawal is stopped – a typical “disease” of dishwashers of this brand. The problem is solved quite simply: disconnect from the network, then gently tilt the body of the unit to drain the water from the pallet, while the sensor float will return to its original position.

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