Answers to the most popular hair care questions

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There are no stupid questions, especially when it comes to our favorite hair. It is very important to understand and know exactly how to care for the hair, so that they look great all year round, and we in turn feel the best.

The team of the online store “Just Beauty” tried to collect the best answers of experts to the most popular questions about hair that interest women. Read and quickly introduce answers into your daily life.


How often can I use shampoo and conditioner?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find a universal answer for everyone. First of all, it all depends on whether you have any specific problem. For example, if it is a very oily scalp, seborroid dermatitis or psoriasis, you can and should wash your head daily.

Owners of other types of skin and hair need to look at the situation. For example, for dry – the norm of 2-3 days, but provided that the right shampoo will be picked up. Do not wash your head in too hot and too cold water, pick the optimal. As for the air conditioner, they need to be used after each wash of the head.

Is it possible to restore hair without cutting it?

It all depends on the extent of the damage. If the hair is badly damaged to 10 cm, then, of course, it is better to trim them, and if more – then there is already need intensive means. To begin with, you still need to cut the hair as much as you can, and then pick up the restorative care. At a minimum, you can buy a good restorative mask and an additional means for sticking the tips.

How to pick up a hair comb?

It all depends on your hair type. A universal option can be mixed bristles, which consists of artificial and natural components. Notice the silicone and carbon comb. Hair dye at home is best produced with silicone, but a good comb makes a carbon comb.

Answers to the most popular hair care questions

For styling, buy a round comb. The desired styling depends on the diameter of the comb: a small diameter – well up at the roots, large – makes the hair lush and smooth.

The wooden comb is used in the daily care of slightly curly hair. Plastic combs make hair brittle. Metallic is generally not suitable for use, it is used by specialists only for the separation of strands.

What are the effective methods in the fight against dandruff?

Of course, first of all you need to deal with their internal problems, eat them, and then you can start a cosmetic solution. The reasons may be different: dry scalp, pH imbalance, product accumulations, such as bad shampoo, fungus.

In such cases, you should buy shampoos containing zinc, rinse your hair and scalp well. It is also highly recommended to add scalp peeling to your care. It will cleanse dead areas of the skin, increase circulation and saturate the scalp with oxygen. As the bonus accelerates hair growth, and hair will fall out less.

Too thin hair, how to make them thicker?

It is necessary to understand that not everyone is given a thick hair by nature. If you compare the current condition of the hair with what was before and realized that they have become thinner, then the situation can be corrected. Fortunately in the cosmetics industry, there are a lot of options for strengthening and restoring hair.

Of course, you need to follow the general rules in the first place: the right comb, quality hair dye, use thermal protection in styling, cut the tips of hair, and most importantly – to pick up home care. An excellent option would be an argan hairline, which nourishes, restores the structure of the hair, thereby increasing their density, and then the thickness of the hair.

How to straighten my hair with minimal damage to hair?

Make sure your hair is completely dry, a protective remedy against high temperatures. Apply heat protection. Put the temperature on the iron no more than 200 degrees. The slower the iron moves, the less hair is injured. At least once a week, you can use a mask to deeply hydrate your hair.

After dyeing the hair became dry and dim, what to do?

In order not to deal with the consequences, it is necessary to prevent the causes as much as possible. Use professional non-ammy paint, then there is a better chance that the hair will remain healthier after dyeing. Immediately after dyeing, the hair needs a special restorative balm. Choose special care for dyed hair.

There are also express methods. Special sets are able to restore dull hair damaged by hair dyeing in a short period of time.

Beautiful and well-groomed hair is not a dream, but your reality. Use our simple tips and you’ll be irresistible!.

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