Application aerocrete in construction

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Application aerocrete in construction

Most likely , everyone who was going to start building a house set himself the question of what kind of materials and technologies will be most beneficial in each case. It should be noted that, to date , probably the most technologically advanced , reliable and affordable for low-rise construction material is aerated or, as it is called, gazoblok .

If you do decide to start building it out of aerated concrete, you automatically get several benefits due to the properties of this material. Let us now try to understand what exactly are the gazoblok .

Gazoblok produced using cement, lime , water and quartz sand. Under the influence of pressure and temperature of the gas mixture released .

Thanks to the generated bubbles , after setting the mass creates a large number of pores in gas concrete structure. As a result, the material is light and increases in volume . Gazoblok also acquires the properties and characteristics that the choice of many developers falls on him.

Benefits of using aerocrete in construction.

The main advantages of aerated concrete include excellent thermal insulation , fire protection, excellent durability and economy. Due to these properties, the material is quite competitive in the construction market.

Application aerocrete in construction

It should be said that in addition to all this stuff is very environmentally friendly , as if combines the best building materials – wood and stone. It does not rot as badly treated wood is not prone to rust , as many metals , is strong enough , moisture-resistant and fire-resistant . Aerated concrete is leading in terms of sound insulation and fire resistance. This material is very heat resistant due to the large number of bubbles. Aerocrete uniqueness lies in the fact that they retain heat in winter and in summer safeguard against high temperatures thus maintaining the optimum temperature throughout the year and significantly reduce heating costs.

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