Automobile AC service

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Automobile AC service, In automotive air conditioner mechanical wear is most prone to compressor. Other items except fans are immobile. But more often than not fails, first he, and the condenser is a heat exchanger installed in front of the radiator to the engine. He is under pressure up to 20 atmospheres and constantly feels the impact flying off the road salt, dirt. Corrosion, vibration, mechanical stress lead to formation of cracks in it and the refrigerant to leak.

Extend the period of his service, as well as other parts of the air conditioner, will help maintain under-bonnet space clean. Especially carefully it is necessary to wash out the condenser of accumulated salt sediments in the spring. In addition, contamination of the condenser generally is often the only reason for the poor performance of the air conditioner.

In the process of washing of under-bonnet space is useful to check the reliability of mechanical fixing tubes. If any tube vibrates, it is necessary to consolidate.

Automobile AC service

Also during the operation of air-conditioned car with useful often check the engine oil level, coolant in the radiator, the tension of the belt drive units. This is due to the increased load on the engine, which creates a working air conditioning.

Prepare air conditioner for the summer season is usually not required. It may be advisable to check that it works before the onset of warm days, and in case of insufficient or defective check-in service on diagnostics and refilling air conditioner.

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