Awnings for home

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Awnings are coverings attached to the outer walls of a property that provide shade in an area and are usually used as signboards or posters. They are used for protection against the Sun, rain, snow, and are usually placed on the windows, doors and sidewalks. Through the use of posts, awnings can be extended over a large area. Awnings are usually made of fabric or acrylic canvas. They can come with printed attractions that add to the aesthetic value. Today, an awning can be of almost any design, form and color.

Frames for awnings

The framework for awnings is usually of wood, iron, steel or aluminium. The aluminum is preferred since it is lighter than iron or steel. The frames feature beams, frames at the edges or space frames. Awnings are placed over the windows to protect them from the Sun and help keep rooms cooler. For rooms with air-conditioning, awnings can serve to decrease electricity consumption nearly 25%. A good way to save.

Companies that offer awnings

There are many companies offering awnings. Most give budgets free since they are a very popular for business advertising form that come in attractive graphics, colors, fonts and patterns.

Awnings for home

They add color and lighting anywhere. These can be illuminated forward or backward. The Illuminati back material is different from the from which light up ahead. Laminated or vinyl coated polyester is used for those enlightened forward. Other material used for awnings is covered in PVC, acrylic, vinyl or coated resin, etc.

It is recommended to place paint or non-combustible material. Usually they do not come with a safe. Some are folding and they can be picked up. The majority retract during the winter to avoid damage with accumulation of snow. The method of retraction can be manual or motorized.

For cleaning stains and mildew, only can be removed which is quite easy. It can be done with a brush and mild soap. Vinyl awnings accumulate rust easily.

Design of frames

The design of the framework of awnings must be such that does not collect water at the top of them. This can damage the fabric of the awning and the graphics printed in the. The wind gusts of more than 25 miles per hour of speed can also cause damage to awnings. It is recommended to remove them under these conditions.

The graphics can be printed by machines special that she is interconnected with computers. Print quality depends on the number of columns per inch. An impression of 10 CPI gives a good termination to awnings. 25 ICC printing gives you even better termination.

A permit to place awnings is required in some States. Anyway, for residential awnings not required a permit, only for the commercials.

Tips for buying awnings

Some homeowners often find that their homes are constructed in such a way that some windows or doors open directly to the Sun, which are usually warm enough. This excessive exposure to the Sun is also an issue for the decks, at the entrance of the House and patios, for specific reasons. In addition, it happens that sometimes when we get home, we do not find the keys. If the door or front of the House not this cover properly, can result in an experience quite it uncomfortable having to search for the keys under the hot sun or rain. These problems can be solved using an awning. These protective shades usually have a good relationship cost-benefit and feature light skeletal frames. Awnings can be made of a composite material, fabric, or even aluminum. Models may come with a manual or electric control.

Awnings are simply welcome

Folding awnings that are wound give the owner the option to extend the shade during the summer and wrap it in the winter. This is ideal, particularly for the deck, which can be used as a place to NAP. The canopy also allows you to enjoy being outdoors no matter the time of year. Some awnings are wired up to the framework, so that homeowners can also use with efficiently expanded space.

avoid having to pay much for air conditioning in summer

Figures from the Department of energy of the United States show that awnings may decline from the summer heat in the windows overlooking the South by 65%, while the windows looking out to the East and the West to reduce it by 77%. Therefore this can reduce your electricity bills in the summer since it spent less on air conditioning.

reduce the luminosity monitors and protect Windows

Awnings also protect the crafts of wood around the windows and furniture from the porch of factors such as snow and rain. With awnings one can leave the windows open even in the rain days. Monitors computer and television that are near the windows on sunny days, will benefit from the reduction of light – this shows us how the refreshing effect of an awning is not limited to the outdoors. The extent of this effect in the House has helped many owners to limit the use of air conditioning during the summer, and thus reduce their electric bills.


Owners can choose between aluminium or fabric awnings. Aluminum awnings have the advantage of being more firm and do not require much maintenance, while the color and shape options are limited. If the awning is made of fabric, will have more choices of colors and shapes, but keep in mind that this type of awning required more care and maintenance. Both alternatives can be used for folding windows. Personal preferences and energy efficiency standards are a key Guide to determine the size of the awning, or the amount of shadow or coverage that provides. The Department of energy set to 65% – 75% as the range of maximum efficiency for awnings covering the windows facing East and West. For those that are oriented to the South, the Agency recommends a range of smaller 45-60% coverage.

style vs. Function

The choice in terms of size implies an Exchange: some individuals may prefer larger awnings to maximize protection and coverage, while others prefer smaller awnings were given more importance to the decorative impact. If the emphasis is given to the aesthetic, many manufacturers offer awnings and accessories in various shapes, designs and colors. It must take into account that coverage of the awnings can be improved using side panels, while these are not necessary. At the same time, there are some special models in the market for windows that open outward.

additional benefits

Some awnings are also designed for easy Assembly and portability, making it possible to assemble them, take apart them and Transfer to different areas around the House to where they are most needed. These mobile awnings typically have props or arms, rollers, horizontal beams, and curtains from fabric or vinyl and can also be applied to recreational vehicles or trailers. Once you have determined where you want to place the awning, owners can choose the width and number of sections needed to cover. As cuts from awnings vary in size, the measures of the area will help you to choose the combinations most appropriate. Some manufacturers of awnings offer Extenders to accommodate small adjustments in the measures. Once the measurement issues are resolved, the owner now has the option to carry out the installation on their own or seek the help of a licensed professional.

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