Basalt insulation

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What is basalt heat insulation is made, where applicable. Basalt insulation most often used in the construction of basalt insulation, which has an excellent fireproof, waterproof and Silencing properties. Always worth noting and ecological purity of the material, and the wide performance.

At the heart of this popular thermal insulation is rock wool, which is made of basalt. This volcanic rock is presented in the form of a solidified melt, which contains silica, alumina, and minor amount of iron and magnesium oxides.

Basalt crushed and melted at high temperatures above 1500 ° C in special furnaces with the addition of additives, and then wound onto the rotating drums and intensely blown air flow. As a result, the molten rock is converted into thin fibers. Their length is 50 mm and diameter of about 7 microns. The fibers are then processed binder – formaldehyde resin which gives them elasticity and increases strength. The last stages of production involve compressing wool at a temperature of 300 ° C in two steps.

Basalt heat insulation material has the following specifications:

high resistance to fire. Basalt fibers can endure without melting temperature up to 1114 C, so rockwool gets formidable obstacle open fire. Also it is able to withstand high temperature pipes and various devices. It is recommended for their thermal insulation and fire protection;

vapor permeability. Basalt insulation is very good passes water vapor without condensation, while maintaining its low thermal conductivity. This feature is enabled to use this material in saunas, baths and rooms with high humidity to create a comfortable environment;

increased insulation. Basalt wool perfectly dampens sound vibrations, so this material insulated room safely isolated from external noise and hinders the penetration of sound into adjacent rooms;

zero absorption of moisture or water repellency. Thermal insulation of rock wool repels water unlike conventional rock wool, and hence its thermal conductivity is retained and all other quality;

high strength characteristics. Stone wool fibers are randomly distributed, which gives it the ability to withstand high mechanical loads, and do not change shape under load. When using a thermal insulator it is a very long period, practically without changing its shape and size;

chemical resistance. This means that the insulation of basalt chemically passive, that is in contact with the protected metal is no corrosion or their destruction;

biological stability. Thermal insulation is not damaged by rodents, do not rot, mold and mildew exposure.

The use of basalt insulation is very flexible. This automotive, engineering, construction materials, insulation finished construction projects.

Stone wool insulates the great roof, curtain walls, “wet” facades, walls, floors and any structural elements. It is often used for insulation where other insulating materials are unsuitable because of their limited performance. Affordable price and high quality insulation made of basalt most popular and sought-after building material.

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