Bathroom renovated bathroom types

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Bathroom renovated bathroom types – An important part of the repair of the apartment is renovated bathroom .

And here it is necessary to decide how and what to do repairs, so to speak, to provide the full scope of work and plan costs.

One option repair bathroom – an association of small bath and toilet in one room . You can, by the way, look at examples of finishing the bathroom .

Besides the possible merger bath with toilet need to determine the materials that it will :
renovated bathroom with plastic panels , or, say , renovated bathroom tiles.
Helpful hints for such repairs will these articles :
Decorating the walls with plastic, PVC panels
Decorating the walls with tiles
How to put a floor tile
How to calculate the number of tiles

It is also important to solve the issue with the bathroom.
Will your bathroom with bathtub or shower – to choose. And then buy.

Choosing a shower, shop till you look at existing models and manufacturers.
It is worth to note that there are showers not only a flat tray , but with high bumpers . Shower cubicle with large high bumpers can somehow replace the bath.

But if you love to soak in the hot tub , then this option you will not do.
The best solution is to buy a full bath. But here you will come across the fact that there are different types , types of bathrooms . To make it easier to choose , here is some information about them.

types of bathrooms

cast iron bath

Cast iron bathtubs are one of the most popular (even today ) . Cast iron bathtubs are strong and durable . They are quite heavy , which ensures the stability of the bath after installation. Typically, cast iron bath set on legs or attached to the wall in a tight , then glue tiles .

Surface iron enamelled bath , rarely acrylic. Enamel creates a beautiful glossy sheen , and with proper care retains smoothness and whiteness for many years. Unfortunately when damaged enamel to restore it problematic.

Bathroom renovated bathroom types

Also the main advantages of cast iron tub is its heat capacity. Long iron is heated , but also slowly releases heat. Cooling water in a cast iron bath – 1 ° C for 5-10 minutes.

acrylic bathtub

Acrylic baths are also very popular now . Acrylic – it is plastic , and for imparting strength reinforce it , or it may bend even from water. The cost of acrylic baths depends on the number of reinforcement layers and the quality of the acrylic. Durable acrylic bath – bath is at the base of which there is a metal mesh .

Acrylic bathtubs can be of different shapes and sizes – angular , round, oval, rectangular and even waved . Color bath can also be different , acrylic staining occurs occurs at the stage of creation.
Positive qualities of acrylic baths are their lightness and heat capacity. Cooling water bath acrylic – 1 ° C for 30 minutes.

By the way , hot tubs make most of acrylic. Hot Tub is a system of pumps, compressors , pipes and nozzles . This system creates a directed jets of water mixed with air. Choose a hot tub worth relying on power pumps. Note jetted not recommended for people with heart disease and children.

steel bath

Steel baths cheapest of all baths . But other than that in price plus they have a number of disadvantages .

Steel bath is very thin, its wall thickness of about 3 mm , and weighs about 30 kg . Due to the thin walls of the bath water cools down very quickly .

Buying steel bath is necessary to pay special attention to the thickness of the walls , and even by the fact that under the weight of the bath can bend , but it will affect its surface.

Steel bath is very noisy in the recruitment of water occurs ringing .

Noise can be reduced by installing rubber gaskets used . Also  space under the bath with foam ( just before foaming bath should be filled with water , otherwise the foam will raise it ) .

In recent years, leading manufacturers of steel baths are expanding range of baths with polymer coating, which help to reduce noise and increase the heat capacity of steel baths .

Now you know the types of baths , it remains only to determine the size. Standard size bath – is 150 cm and 180 cm in length, 65 cm in height and width – 70 cm, 80 cm and 85 cm
The size of the bathroom will depend on the size of the tub. Choose a bath such that it can be convenient to use , and in the bathroom you can conveniently move.

I would also like to remind once about some unimportant things. When renovating a bathroom should change the plumbing may sink and toilet, as it is necessary to pick up a new vanity .

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