How to have beautiful hair in a week

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A party is coming and your hair looks like bird’s nest? Don’t worry, in one week you will be able to have beautiful hair from root to tip.

How to achieve fabulous hair in a week

Do you can improve hair and leave it beautiful in just one week? Course Yes!. And best of all is that you must spend a fortune on it, not spend hours and most of your salary in beauty salons. Learn this simple routine of a week that will leave you hair healthy, nourished, hydrated and beautiful.

Day one: hydration of the hair

Drinking water is essential to the well-being of the whole body, including the hair. Many times we underestimate the importance of ingesting the vital liquid throughout the day, but this simple action moisturizing each of the cells of our body. Drink a minimum of two liters of water everyday, and you’ll see the result in the skin and hair in a matter of days.

Day two: deep cleaning

The second day we will give a hygiene treatment to our hair. Use shampoo and conditioner of the highest quality, and used homemade lip balms as a conditioner of Apple Cider vinegar or apple cider, to give your hair shine, disinfection and cleaning.

Seize the moment in the shower to make a gentle exfoliation of the scalp with brown sugar and a few drops of olive oil, massaging with the tips of your fingers to reactivate the circulation and remove dead skin cells and dirt. Then rinse and rinse with plenty of water, and let it dry in the air (no mechanical dryers or hot air) and free of styling products.

Day three: massage and exfoliation

Already with your hair and scalp clean, keep drinking water and massaging. Use the tips of your fingers, with or without gloves or elements massage, to allow a generous blood flow to the entire area of the head. Use essential oils suitable for this massage, as oil of mint, almond or olive oil, and take advantage to make a beauty treatment to the skin of your face, with homemade masks and moisturizing.

How to have beautiful hair in a week

Day four: deep conditioning

The fourth day, while still drinking water and massaging your scalp, we will do a deep nutrition. You can use treatment balms, special creams or home compounds to moisturize the hair and strengthen it. We recommend using natural products and of good quality. If you opt for homemade treatments, an excellent choice for this deep conditioning is the avocado, egg yolk and a little olive oil for dry hair, or that of banana, lemon juice and sunflower for mixed hair oil.

Day five: softening the hair

The fifth day we chose to soften the hair already nourished and hydrated. In the shower apply a Detangling conditioner product of aloe vera (or aloe vera natural pulp) and tangles using your fingers, massaging the scalp at the time. Leave to act for a few minutes and then rinse with plenty of water. Dry air without styling.

Day six: perfect hair cut

The sixth day is ideal for cutting hair. You can do it at the salon or at home, with the help of an experienced friend. Make the cut you want, discarding the separate tips and making a sale in layers to give volume and beauty to your stunning hair.

Take advantage of the last day to moisturize and seal your hair, protecting it and leaving it full of life.

Day seven: sealing and protection

The seventh day is where you should enjoy your new healthy hair, already nourished, hydrated, conditioned and cut. Take advantage of this last day to moisturize and seal, protecting it and leaving it full of life. Use oils and capillary capsules with keratin, which sealed each of your hair from gaps and breaks. This is the moment of applying a mask anti frizz if you want, and then, to show off that beautiful hair!