best microwave ovens how to choose microwave oven

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Microwave ovens have long included in the familiar set of kitchen equipment, along with a fridge and stove. Someone uses them only as a way of warming up ready meals and defrosting, microwave stoves assigning a lead role in cooking. Manufacturers of household appliances offer a ton of models of different sizes and with different sets of functions that each user can choose a suitable model as possible.

The choice is so great that fit open short courses entitled “how to choose microwave properly. But first we offer you together to figure out the list of the main criteria for your choice.

Microwaves: simple and different

The most primitive microwave oven has a tunable magnetron microwave generating only cure and can only defrost, reheat Preps and casually handle heat.
Since the effect of the microwave oven is based on the interaction of microwave radiation with molecules of water, maximum temperature: warm-up such stoves do not exceed the boiling point of water and does not exceed 100° c. Cooked products at this temperature most similar to cooked without water.

A simple microwave oven can be used to heat the sausages, cook it hot sandwiches, quick cook oatmeal, warm up ready meals and ready, bake apples, potatoes and other vegetables. It is a good idea to shorten the time of defrosting.

More advanced microwaves feature not only generating devices of microwave radiation, but the heating elements-Grill. Grill will provide more variety of dishes including covered with a delicious browned crust. Depending on the internal volume, it will be possible to fry sausages or chipolatas, make toast, cooked meat and grilled vegetables.

More sophisticated models are equipped with still and convector creates movement of hot air inside the oven. Temperature in convection models reaches 24-250° c that allows them to be used as ovens. The program can be used in different combinations, including the simultaneous action of MICROWAVE, Grill and convector.

These microwaves are among the most expensive and most versatile models. Select the multifunction oven is worth when on your kitchen no oven, otherwise their function will be largely duplicated, and technology wasted will fill a limited kitchen space.

The optimal combination of parameters

How to choose microwave properly to avoid paying too much for features which are not too helpful? You simply need to decide what function will often perform a microwave oven in your House.
Not to forget anything important, let’s deal in order with all major criteria list, and then it will be easier to make the choice of microwave ovens on the most significant parameters.


Important and external dimensions and internal volume. In a small kitchen is hard to find a place for cumbersome microwave oven, and if it’s still and use will rarely, on a rational approach and not have to. Usually the choice of size and volume make, given two points: what function will basically perform your acquisition, and how many people will be in the family refrigerator.

The simplest and smallest microwave oven has a volume of 13 litres it can be reheated food, defrost food, Cook sandwiches.
For the average family, you can choose the microwave oven, which from 20 to 27 l. for the lover of culinary delights, as well as for the large family, wise will make a choice in favor of the biggest devices with up to 40 l. rich, with high-volume ovens often operate successfully as key devices for cooking.


The main functions of most popular microwave remain processes such as heating and defrosting. The rest of the features consumers enjoyed much less.
If you are going to use the microwave oven only as a complementary technique, it made no sense to acquire a great model with a bunch of features. It is better to choose the compact, simple and inexpensive models.

However, many take into account the dignity of the microwave oven and cook a lot and constantly. When cooking in the microwave, you can use a minimum of fat. In the microwave oven is much better preserved. Food is cooked faster, and the kitchen smells do not spread into the air is not oily soot and wasting energy is used with maximum efficiency.
If you intend to often and varied use of their purchase, you can choose a good, fairly capacious model, equipped with many features.

Control Panel

At the most simple models can easily manage two regulators that determine power and cooking time.
More complex models may consist of sets of management controls and buttons. The most rational management, based on the principle of “little buttons — many functions.” Serial selection action is carried out by several clicks of the same buttons.
There are models with an original menu of the most popular programs. By and large, the type of control you choose, inspired in large part by a private presentation of convenience and practicality.


Beautiful microwave ovens, chassis which the inner surface of the Chamber are made of stainless steel. This stuff better other behaves when heated, can withstand continuous operation, resistant to scratches. But behind the surfaces of metal the hardest to treat. On them remain ugly spots splashes of fat and juice, and even your finger prints can completely spoil the look.
It is much easier to take care of the surfaces covered with enamel. This is one of the most inexpensive coatings. Enamel is easy enough to clean, but it eventually formed cracks and chips.

best microwave ovens how to choose microwave oven

Looks great surface of their ceramics. Do not stick to it drops when cooking, its easy to wash, it’s not too susceptible to scratching. Lack of ceramic coating one: fragility. But typically, microwaves are not used neither for hammering in nails, nor as projectiles. And in typical, moderately careful operation, ceramic coating of the camera for a long time maintained its quality and remains in one piece.

Grill types

If you decide to choose for your kitchen model with grill, you will have to choose one of two types: quartz or HEATER. The second is cheaper but takes too much of the volume of the Chamber. TENG and cleaned more difficult.
Quartz elements occupy little space, faster heat up, they are much easier to keep clean. This justifies their slightly higher cost.

Grill as spit in the microwave is not very convenient, as the size of the camera enable you to Cook only small chunks. If there is an oven with grill is impractical to duplicate this feature and a microwave oven.
By the way, if you select the microwave with convection, you can easily do without the grill function, and still enjoy a good products with golden crust.


In today’s world, among people wandering around a huge variety of fears about the danger of new inventions and products. Revolve around such and microwave ovens. To ensure safety, it is enough to follow safety measures.

Rules for safe use of microwave ovens are simple:
Make sure that the door is closed tight, check the condition of the sealing elements; the device should not be end-to-end damage. Do not use for cooking plastic tanks not intended for cooking or reheating in a microwave oven.
Keep the inside of the Chamber.

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