Which is better to buy a refrigerator for home

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Which is better to buy a refrigerator for home

Many household appliances: TV , microwave, air ionizer , can be classified as excess. But the refrigerator is a necessity . Therefore, the question : ” What is better to buy a refrigerator ? ” Getting up early or too late to anyone.
What are the refrigerators ?

Classification of these appliances can be run on different principles :

1. As the number of compartments ( cells ) and their position relative to each other ;
2 . According to the method of cooling and thawing ;
3 . At the location of the kitchen – freestanding and built ;
4 . If possible, transport – fixed, portable or transport ;
5 . In terms of governance – an electromechanical or electronic control .

Based on different classification , you can decide which one to choose a refrigerator , and then buy. It is better to choose a number of factors into account simultaneously.

Single-chamber or multi-chamber ?

Refrigerators come in single-chamber , dual-chamber and multi-chamber – different manufacturers offer different equipment. Which company refrigerator pick on this criterion usually depends on the number of family members.

Single-chamber , where the cooling compartment and freezer compartment located behind a common door , comfortable with its compact and will be useful for people with singles or students. By volume comparable to Autorefrigerators .
Multi-chamber models are prime grade and may contain besides the usual cooling and freezing compartments wine rack, extra freezer compartment , and others.
Most popular – two-compartment refrigerators . They freezer is separate from the cooling . Which is better to buy a refrigerator – with the top or bottom location of the freezer compartment , depends on the personal preferences of the buyer . But it should be remembered that the lower location is more convenient to use, and with a top refrigerator consumes less power .

In recent years more and more popular there are fridges in which the offices are located side by side, not one above the other. In such models, attracts a large amount of branches.

The classification according to the principle of cooling

By the method of cooling refrigerators are divided into:

Absorption . Based on the process of evaporation of ammonia , they attract almost complete quiet operation and reliability. However, they have low capacity and there is a danger of poisoning with toxic gases .
Compression . Most presently used devices . First gas refrigerant boils in the evaporator cooling the refrigerating compartment , and then through high pressure generated by the compressor is transformed into a liquid. Then the cycle repeats. Compressors quite noisy and this is their main disadvantage . But they are cheap , simple and safe to use. In refrigerators can be used alone , or two compressors .
Thermoelectric . Use of two different conductors ability to cool in contact. This method of cooling is quite expensive and not very effective in comparison with others, and therefore rarely used. A positive factor can be considered noiseless operation , the ability to change the cooling mode to heating mode in some models, and easy transport .

Which is better to buy a refrigerator for home

What brand is best to buy a refrigerator , also depends on where you plan to use these things everyday devices . For example, in rural areas , which often varies the voltage in the power grid , will be more reliable absorption device , since it is independent of changes in voltage .

Do I need to defrost the refrigerator ?

Modern cooling devices do not require regular defrosting by disconnecting from the mains.

But, choosing a refrigerator which company is better to buy , you need to figure out which defrost system it uses . Usually employ one of two defrosting systems :

Forced circulation system . One or more fans blow air from the chamber , cooling it by an evaporator and then it (air) is returned . The condensate is deposited on the walls of the evaporator and compressor off drains into the tray and evaporates.
Drip system . On the walls of the cooling element in the operation of the compressor condensation . When the compressor stops working , the ice melts and flows into the container of the compressor and then evaporates during its operation due to the high temperature.

Sometimes used a mixed system of thawing : in the freezer – drip , and the cooling unit – forced .

Drip system is less costly than forced, but in the case of poor workmanship refrigerator ice may form , which is very difficult to clean up because .

Different manufacturers offer different defrost . Which company is better to choose a refrigerator will depend on this factor as well.

Despite the presence of automatic defrost , do not forget that from time to time still have to disconnect the refrigerator and defrosted manually.
What else do you need to consider when purchasing a refrigerator ?

Choosing a refrigerator – a crucial step . To take into account all the details and decide which brand is best to buy a refrigerator , it is sometimes difficult. In any case , this should be the device of good quality, best value and a decent design.

At the end give you a great video that will demonstrate how to properly choose a refrigerator for the home:


Choosing a refrigerator


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