What breed of dog do you want

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What breed of dog do you want –¬†Most dog breeds were bred to meet the needs of the person and his lifestyle. Looking back at the history of different breeds of dogs , you will see that they were created to possess the following skills :

Graze sheep or pull sleds
be a good companion for a family
assist hunters in finding and capturing prey
demonstration of beauty and other innate qualities

With the help of dog training can modify their specific qualities . However, much easier and more pleasant to choose a dog from existing breeds that will fit under your particular lifestyle. The next 10-15 years of your life will be more interesting if you choose for yourself the right breed of dog .

What breed of dog do you want

Selecting a dog breed may not be easy. Who on the planet , there are about 400 breeds of dogs . And they are becoming more. Each breed of dog was invented by man for man with the aim to create the perfect pet. 80 % of today’s rock 130 years ago did not exist . Huge leap happened almost instantly. People change this animal so that it served them or just look good . Diversity and size of dog behavior is superior to any other species on the planet. As the hero of the comic book , the dog is able to mutate rapidly in just a few generations. People make them faster fierce and loyal .

Dog (Canis famili aris) – one species, but it seems a lot. The greatest variety of shapes, sizes and temperaments . And it is – not an accident. It did – we . Odyssey length of 15 000 years. From wolf to dog and a giant battle tiny fashion accessory. People have copied the evolution of the dog through breeding and ambitions. Man’s attempt to fix with the help of an aggressive dog breeding turned into the longest experiment in the history of eugenics . Eugenics – the desire to bring the form to perfection.

When choosing a breed of dog you have to consider a lot more factors than just the fact that the puppy is cute and funny. Every breed of dog has its own specific characteristics and needs that you need to understand before you make a purchase . However , the most important question that you must answer :

Do you really want a dog ?

Having a dog means that you assume full responsibility for the life of your pet . When you acquire a puppy , you are not only wasting your money , you must understand that you are required to provide him with a place in your home , and give him a lot of time and patience for 10 – 15 years.

You should know that buying a dog – it’s expensive. It’s not just the initial cost , but also all future costs: food , accessories, vet costs and related procedures . There are breeds of dogs , which is not cheap enough to care . Still sometimes you will want to spend a holiday without a dog . Then you ‘ll need to use a special service provides care for dogs.

New dog owners need to understand that some things in the house will have to sacrifice . Puppies are not able to control his bladder and facilitate the child whenever they are in an excited state – especially when you in the house visitors . Puppies love to chew everything they catch your eye : carpets, furniture and your favorite shoes . Even then, when you teach him to do all these things on the street, it will carry the dirt around your home just scrubbing .

Many of the above mentioned problems can be prevented or minimized by the exchange rate or the rate of socialization dog training . However, to training your dog to be effective need enough time and patience . Some dog breeds require you much more time and energy for daily walks and games.

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