Build a fence for your yard diy front yard fence ideas

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While some have wire fences, most people seem to prefer wood fences since this material is more versatile and aesthetic.

Install your own wooden fence requires time and energy, but certainly worth it since it will provide privacy without significantly modifying the landscape and view of their land. Even it is not necessary to construct a fence too high. A normal wooden fence is sufficient to prevent that unwanted animals such as dogs to infiltrate. But until he put hands to work, there are a number of things you should know about preparations to build a fence like this.


It is important before you begin, be aware of the basic materials required to build a wooden fence. These are materials which has practically all the fences and which are essential to build your own attractive model: will need poles. They are vertical beams ranging nailed on the ground and which is essential for keeping the entire firm and in place. Some Poles jut fence for decorative reasons and others arrive just at the height of it.

Another important element are the Rails. They connect the poles and must be parallel to the floor and represent the horizontal support of them. Almost all stylish fences have a top rail and a lower, and some even another in the middle. Finally, the panels are needed. Some styles do not carry panels, other use lattice panels and others simply use wood slats.

The next thing you need to do is prepared to install your wood fence. If everything runs smoothly, the best thing is to plan and prepare everything before hand. It is impossible to avoid arising unforeseen, but a little bit of organization helps to keep better control of the situation. The first thing you need to do is check with the standards of construction in the area which is to be aware of for your fence height restrictions.

Build a fence for your yard diy front yard fence ideas

At the same time, it likely will need a permit. Also make sure that the fence will be placed around the perimeter of your property. If necessary, make all the studies and checks necessary to avoid future problems of boundaries with its neighbors. Another important point is to be aware of electrical installations and gas the place.

Note also check the telephone lines and cable that might have underground facilities. Otherwise, it can occur while it builds its fence, you break any of these facilities, and must then answer for repair costs.

Make sure that you have a plan of work based on the above points. Before you begin, think about where you plan to place the posts and set the height that you want. Must know how deep is going to nail the posts. If it does this, the project will run much faster.

Note If you have at hand all the tools you need as a drill to make holes for posts, a shovel and a wheelbarrow (to mix concrete), a hammer, a drill, a power saw, a level, line of mason and square. Many of these materials don’t need to buy them, they can rent them for a reasonable price (especially the drill holes for posts).

Once you have everything in place, you are ready to build your own wooden fence. Carefully follow the plan and try not to get out of the budget. Once you have everything prepared, will be surprised how quickly that will advance and as well that it will look in your yard.

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