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Buy an electric air compressor-Requires special paint to paint a country house or a bath? Then the use of household electric spray gun is exactly what you need! Applying it at home you can just paint the wallpaper, update old furniture or whitewash ceilings. This saves you time and does not require special skills, because airless spray gun with the help of an ideal result than doing it by hand with a brush or roller.

Gathered to do the repair, you will agree, no repair is not without painting works. There are some things to take into consideration before you start working. This article will provide tips on how to paint aluminum siding with an electric airless spray gun.

Painting instructions electric paint sprayer aluminum siding:
The first thing before you start painting works qualitatively wash the entire surface, it is desirable to use a high pressure cleaner. Any dirt, mold, sand or fat does not give adhesion to the aluminum surface of the paint. You may need to detergents, do not be lazy to make quality cleaning of the facade.

Use an electric air compressor to conduct high-quality color both outside and indoors. Indeed the use of the spray gun can save you a couple of days of work. You can literally save a few days of using spray paint for your project. Spray paint creates a uniform and smooth coating. If you do not have money to buy an airbrush, the best way to take it out just a couple of thousand a day.

Before using the spray gun to complete all preparatory work. Do not rush to start painting, do it right and it will give a good result. Once the entire surface before painting cleaned, protect all the film or tape, you do not wish to have painted windows, window sills, hinges, handles, etc. You will be able to paint smoothly and with clear lines without fear of soiling the surrounding objects.

Buy a pre-primer and facade paint for aluminum siding. It should be a paint for exterior use 100% acrylic latex (water-based), and it must be present urethane for extra strength.

Carefully plan your work in color on the outside. Using an electric spray gun on the street see the weather forecast. Do not use a spray gun on a windy day, or if there is a chance of rain in the same day or within the next couple of days. Fresh exterior paint must dry for a few days, that lasts for years. Just avoid painting in hot or too cold.

Pay attention to the things that can get in the paint in the event of a sudden the wind. Perhaps at the beginning of the use of electric paint sprayer dissect soi and neighborhood cars on the opposite side to be painted at home.

Apply primer on the building facade paint sprayer, wash it let it dry prior primer layer, and only then proceed to the color topcoat. Do not stop at painting in one place otherwise avoid smudges and poor traction. Apply test coverage before starting work, and make sure to select the correct material and colors.

Buy an electric air compressor

Begin painting the facade of the building from top to bottom and left to right. Avoiding gaps and painting twice in the same place, do not rush to spray paint from a thick layer, it will smudge and bloating “sharkskin.” Better to let the first layer dry, and only after that to repeat again the color that will give great results.

Tips & Warnings when exterior painting of the facade of the building with the help of spray gun:
At the end of the stairs (the supporting legs) can be glued or nailed old mittens flat across the board, so that it was in the same plane with the wall. This will prevent dents or scratches on the front of the building.

Method of test on an inconspicuous section of the wall to try a different size nozzles and select the optimum pressure.
Do not use spray paint on a windy day
Do not use spray paint, whether there is the probability of rain.
Ensure that bought exterior paint matching tasks.

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