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Buy electricity and gas oven , detailed tips , specifications, features , types

There is no house without an oven , it is one of the most important kitchen tools and indispensable, save a lot of shapes and types , specifications and features may make the procurement process difficult , in this article we’ll show you everything you need to know to build a successful decision to buy and properly .

Electric oven or gas oven

 The status of the oven

There are Deitan main ovens and is a separate ovens and compact ovens :

Separate ovens “Freestanding Ovens”

And are conventional ovens and accepted , where you are free to put in the oven anywhere you want in the kitchen.

Built – in ovens

In this type are merged and the introduction of the oven in a specific place in the kitchen furniture , providing space in the kitchens of small , but the disadvantage there is no part loft “the eyes of the oven ” to boil water or frying food and is a preferred method for many instead of boiling and frying inside the oven.

The form of the oven

Conventional oven and accepted it .

Double oven

And be a Vernin connected to each other either top-down or side -by-side , each oven contains a complete specification identical to another, suitable for those who want to cook two different types of food at the same time , and prices are usually higher than the oven solo, and there also what is called an oven and a half, and is a full oven and built – in oven with another furnace , but the other is smaller and does not have full specifications and the price is less than the double oven .

Display additional “Extra Wide”

Some furnaces ( single and double ) display comes to those who need additional capacity of the largest inside the oven , this feature increases the price of the oven .

Energy-absorbing oven “Oven Capacity”

You must assess the energy absorption and see them and studied , because what is written in the specifications may vary sometimes the physical space available, and headed for ovens small if you do not cook much or the space you have is limited, and furnaces medium-sized and large are appropriate for most families, and Do not forget to measure the available space in the kitchen oven carefully so as not to buy the largest oven of his exact location .

Oven Grill

Not always available , but most of the furnaces available , ovens vary in the way , the majority of indoor grills provide a built-in oven and are easy and space – saving operation , some furnaces availability of external Grill and are easy to clean and keep the inner part of the oven clean .

Oven Cleaning

There are two types of furnaces when it comes to cleaning :

– Conventional ovens and require manual cleaning with soap and water , and is tired , but it is less in price .

– Oven self-cleaning and is a quantum leap in the field of cleaning ovens, via a button in the oven is turned property self-cleaning oven Haagen himself and raise the temperature to a very high degree (500 degrees Celsius), high temperature burn fat and leftover food and transformation into crumbs and ashes where you can easily cleaned , an excellent feature and advise them and they will raise the price of the oven so much, this process called “Pyrolytic” and means crumbly heat and this is what you should buy, there are some names approach to the word self-cleaning and but other techniques used is practical and useful , so watch out and make sure that what you buy is to clean thermal analysis of the way that we have mentioned .

The oven door

You must pay attention to door oven, must be resistant door high as not to fall door down when you open it and must be stopped at any angle opens out , make sure there is a window transparent and clear to see the food cooked at home instead of opening the door on an ongoing basis , there is a type rare furnaces and that gives you an advantage to open the door sideways instead of the traditional way from top to bottom , side door makes pulling food from inside the oven easier without the presence of the door blocking your way , but he also reminded not available in abundance, saw a picture oven doors side :

Oven Inside

There are several things inside the oven should pay attention to them when buying , make sure that there shelves enough, the majority of furnaces provides three shelves and are suitable for the majority of users , drag the shelves out several times and make sure they are fixed and do not fall off or tend the back when the clouds , make sure the power of lighting inside the oven and you can see clearly from the outside dining .

Oven Fan

Many ovens come with a fan inside the oven , fan goal is to distribute the heat evenly , is especially important in gas ovens , which are usually weak in the distribution of heat.

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