How can we decorate the walls

How can we decorate the walls In the category Decorative Wallpaper Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about How can we decorate the walls.

How can we decorate the walls – Often decorating the walls in the apartment itself empty and vast space in the interior becomes a complex task. But do not immediately seek help in design studios and specialized offices. With such an interesting and creative task can cope on their own. Attention should be paid here to the room size and the number of things in it. Strict rules on registration of interior decoration is not. Everything depends on the affections and habits of the home owners . But overloading additional decorations room, where the terms are arranged cabinets, hanging shelves everywhere – not worth it.

For the study, living room and hallway are most commonly used pictures – applications under glass , embroidery or landscapes, executed with the printing industry . Fits this description and framing an oil painting . A common requirement is the need to combine the background color (walls ) and the paintings themselves . Should pay attention to the right balance of size, shape and space images . For the interior with history, you can decorate the walls in the apartment of aged black and white photographs in frames .


Unique decorative features have and mirrors . This is probably one of the most interesting elements of what is available in any home. Most often mirror hanging in the bathroom , hallway, bedroom, and they perform only a utilitarian function . Many do not even believe that they can be used to decorate the walls of the apartment , change the interior . For example , make a kind of ” window .” The canvas mirror it needs to make textiles, to build a ” sill “. People are reflected there as you move around the room will create the effect of reviving the “window” . This version of the wall design is original and probably will surprise your guests.

Almost always look beautiful man-made images – applique , embroidery. The kitchen will be appropriate to hang decorative plates and boards. But hold house art museum, of course, is not necessary. The lack of repair to cover in such a way as not to be . Common walls should pick out your decorations and inept their use will only spoil the experience.

How to decorate your walls with style ? Decoration ideas

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