car starts and stops in a few seconds

car starts and stops in a few seconds In the category General Car Repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about car starts and stops in a few seconds.

car starts and stops in a few seconds. Surely throughout our lives something similar has happened to us and we decided to take the car to our confidence. Watch this video before you take it if you can yourself to solve your self. Check your fuses before any determination will not be to buy nonsense go you to play the Pocket.

If your car starts without problems and after a few minutes stops unless you can turn it back on it, maybe the problem lies in the system leak, which must be saturated.

The main cause of this problem is due to the fact that the catalytic converter is clogged. A converter in these conditions may overheat and be damaged if excessive quantities of unburnt fuel went into the exhaust system. This can happen if the engine has one or more dirty plugs, as well as leaky exhaust valves. When unburned fuel reaches the converter, the temperature begins to rise. The substrate of ceramic or the mass of material that supports the converter can RID and partially or totally block the gas flow.

car starts and stops in a few seconds

If a total blockade of the escape occurs, the engine will start normally but the gas has no where to go. As a result generated a pressure that accumulates and is opposed to the gas flow by what a few minutes after the engine is stopped. Pressure will eventually dissipate and allow that the engine is started again after a while.

To solve the lock it is necessary to change the converter though it must be first repaired the problem that caused that it gets and should fail, otherwise the new converter will suffer the same as above.

Where the problem is not the converter may be the escape hit or damaged or something is obstructing the flow of the gases in the exhaust.

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