Cast iron cookware without coating

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Before first use, wash the dishes using detergent, and then lubricate the inner surface of the product with vegetable oil and let it soak into the surface of the iron, after which you can begin work with utensils.

During the operation it is recommended to wash cast iron utensils with warm water without using detergents. After washing cast iron pans need to be wiped dry and grease with vegetable oil or fat-this will help prevent rust.

It is not recommended to wash in the dishwasher! Cast iron absorbs fat as a result formed a natural non-stick surface. The longer you use cast iron cookware, the better will be the non-stick properties.

Cast iron cookware without coating

Do not use cast iron products for food storage! This can lead to rust. If rust still appeared rinse with her detergent, then pans with vegetable oil and salt for 1.5 -2 hours at a temperature of 150-200° c.

Rust on cast iron cookware is not a defect, it is the result of improper operation or maintenance, which can be easily remedied.

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