cat breed selkirk rex hypoallergenic

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Selkirk Rex, another breed curly along with Devon-reksami, and of all Rex, she is the youngest. About this unusual breed of cats will tell its readers the country of Councils.

Selkirk Rex breed in appearance is quite different from other Rex. The Cornish Rex and Devon Rex coat is very short, “plush”. The Selkirk Rex is a normal length, and the breed has short-and long-haired variety.

The founder of Selkirk Rex cat Miss de pesto was born in Montana in 1987 year. She was the only “furnished” kitten in the litter. Its owner, breeder of Persians Jerry Newman, crossed her Miss de Pesto with a black Persian Cat. In litter turned out three Kittens with twisted wool and three straight. So began the development of the breed Selkirk Rex. Officially it was recognized in 1992 year.

cat breed selkirk rex hypoallergenic

In the development of this breed were not only Persians, but also the British Shorthair, exotic and Himalayan (Persian color-points). Since the Selkirk Rex breed is still in the process of becoming, a cat with a curly wool still crossing with other breeds of cats. But starting in 2015, the Selkirk Rex breed cats can cross.

By adding the Selkirk Rex is reminiscent of the British Shorthair is a large breed of cats with stocky physique, muscular body and strong bones. The head is round and broad, with large round eyes, medium-sized ears and clear face. The length of the muzzle is equal to half of its width, as the Persians, is a marriage of the breed.

As mentioned above, wool Selkirk Rex can be both long and short. It is very soft and dense, something reminiscent of the sheep. Hair can curl in small, large, or trailing curls or wavy. Especially bright pinstripes are expressed on the neck, chest, hips, abdomen and behind the ears.

Hair care Selkirk Rex simple enough. Short haired cats need a comb once a week, long-haired — every day. Unlike other Rex, Selkirk Rex breed is prone to heavy moult, so people who are prone to allergies to cats, the Selkirk Rex have not recommended.

Cat breeds Selkirk Rex can be almost any color, including various forms of albinism and partial coloring (points, sepia, dark brown), bicolor, silver/Smokey, chocolate and lilac cats.

With regard to the character, the temperament of the Selkirk Rex reflects the characteristics of other cat breeds, were involved in the Selkirk Rex. The shorthair British they borrowed restraint and calm. From the Persians, the habit of Fawn upon the owner. From alien species is playfulness. Selkirk Rex cat breed is very patient and loving, they are bound to the owner. They love to sit on their hands, climb on the shoulders and neck. Selkirk Rex live well with other cats.

Cats of this breed are in good health. One of the few problems that can confront the owner of Selkirk is a greater selection of ear wax due to irritation of the ear passage curly hair inside the ear. Therefore, you should regularly and very neatly cleaned pet ears.

The homozygous cats (Selkirk Rex gene inherited from both parents) may experience increased oiliness of the hair, so often their bathing (naturally, using special shampoos and conditioners, hand-picked depending on the structure and condition of the fur of the animal). Selkirk Rex usually love water, so with a dip, there are no problems.

Selkirk Rex can inherit a predisposition to certain diseases from other breeds. For example, the Persians could “reward” Selkirk penchant for cystic kidneys and British Shorthair to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. But the good breeders always check the cats involved in breeding, the propensity for these diseases, so the likelihood of hereditary predisposition for Selkirk Rex will be minimal.

Selkirk Rex cat breed is charming, tender creation with an extraordinary appearance. The pet cat lover will hardly indifferent.

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