Cat Urine on leather

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Clean the urine stains by blotting with a damp cloth. If not enough pour some milk make-up Remover on a cotton and add a few drops of ammonia exceptionally, because ammonia attracts cats, and avoid touching the metal if loops, nails, etc. Do not rub, but the stain. Always try on a non-visible corner before processing completely. To start the smell of urine on leather, sprinkle it with baking soda. Let stand several hours then brush. Then treat with cleansing milk or the inside of a banana peel to nourish and rehydrated the leather. There are lots of ways to get cat pee wash-leather vinegar, cleaning with foam part of a bowl of sudsy water, cat urine can damage the skin, leaving a dry area horrible wrinkle in time and crack open. The best solution is to take the incident first absorbs urine, Nature In more cases of cat urine leather permanently. If you take it while it’s still wet you must weaken the chemical properties of the urine.


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