How to change the faucet in the kitchen

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How to change the faucet in the kitchen – Quite often, many people have a question related to the replacement of a broken faucet in the kitchen due to worn sealing gum , which are constantly exposed to heat and mechanical stress. Another reason to replace the crane may be the desire landlords simply change it to a more modern model . In any case, regardless of the reason , many are wondering how to change a tap in the kitchen by yourself? It should be noted that simply replace the valve , thus, it can make absolutely anyone , thereby saving on plumbing call .

1. Initially , after the purchase of a new crane should block entry to the apartment hot and cold water . When replacing recommended to use an adjustable wrench , because it can be adjusted to the required size of the union nuts , with which there is a crane to mount pipes. In order not to damage the surface of the nuts under the key should be put sponge or folded several times a sheet of paper , or any tissue flap .

2 . Besides it should take care of the shell surface of the possible fall at her tools and parts , which can be put on her bottom some cloth or a piece of cardboard . Then you can dismantle the old faucet .

3 . As soon as you dismantle the old faucet , you can proceed to install the new . For this new faucet should be installed on the core adapters that are threaded and shifted the axis of symmetry . Then, using a wrench , rotate the hub of these , combining them with the inputs of the mixer . After that you should carefully tighten the union nuts , but you can not pinch them tightly so as not to damage the gasket , which can be rubber or paronite .

How to change the faucet in the kitchen

4 . Once the crane to be mounted , and water should be included to see if there is a leak at the junction mixer . If there are leaks , you should tighten all union nuts .

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