Check out the incredible Lock that opens from your mobile

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Now your smart phone is the wireless key to your Bluetooth door lock. She is beautiful, smart and inspiring confidence the reason for the lock, which allows you to forget your keys and brings the revolution security systems. the famous designer Yves Behar, in collaboration with the entrepreneur Jake Johnson recently showed the smart lock August thanks to which the security of your home is literally at your fingertips.

The lock August works like informal “doorman” of your home one and allows you to open your door through a specially designed application on your mobile. Using Bluetooth low energy (BLE), the lock communicate and synchronize with your door latch and opens just before you arrive at her doorstep. Even better: the lock allows you to call or to let friends and relatives to join in your home even when you’re on vacation. For even greater security, gives you the ability to send invitations with a specific time limit, beyond which, barred your cancelled space.

As for the technical characteristics of? The lock, which is already available in Europe, is made from high quality materials, is available in many different colors and can be placed on existing door in 15 minutes. In addition, the lifetime is great as the batteries need to be changed on an annual basis, while the cost of not exceeding € 150. one last thing: you don’t have to wonder what if they close the battery-mobile as you can always use your keys.

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