chimney replacement-Dismantling of metal chimneys is quicker

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According to the norms of the “rules of safety in the operation of the flue and ventilation industrial pipes and the Federal law on industrial safety of hazardous production facilities” retired pipes are subject to immediate elimination. In most cases, service withdrawn from the operation of the chimney cost the owners more expensive elimination of this special forces pipes construction crews industrial climbers.


There is a difference in technologies of brick, metal and reinforced concrete chimneys.

With all three types of tubes it is possible to dismantle (demolition) of the trunk as a whole when addressed to drop around the trunk. It uses special technologies (demolition) dismantling and disassembly of pipes, allowing the drop pipe with precision falling to sector within 10 degrees.

Directly eliminating pipe occurs in a matter of seconds, but the preparatory work could take several days and even weeks, but all the same, take down (demolition) of the pipe as a whole is faster than disassembly. Therefore, when there is plenty of room to drop pipes and all the safety requirements can be met, the Elimination of the pipe as a barrel is preferable to disassembly of pipes.

chimney replacement-Dismantling of metal chimneys is quicker

When removing brick and reinforced concrete chimneys, if necessary, applies demolition of chimneys, its performing industrial climbers. This is especially true in areas with dense buildings, when there is no place for the fall pipes or sector possible fall too low.

Often in such cases, the part of the chimney must not fall to the outside, and inside. Industrial climbers climb on top of the chimney, and on parts of the disassembled pipe using special skills and technology. With an emphasis on insurance climber.

Of course this way, dismantling of reinforced concrete chimneys, but they typically tall by 100 meters, very hard work, and it is an extreme, emergency measure. The deadline for dismantling the pipes ranges from several days to several weeks, depending on the size of the pipe. Of course, it will be with the help of special equipment much faster, but the cost increases at times.

In agreement with the customer, removal of felted chimney is also possible by our company by special transport.

Dismantling of metal chimneys is quicker and easier than brick and concrete. Work is performed with the help of special equipment: crane and hoist, as well as the pipe can be removed and the only industrial climbers, this is true in cases where the technology to pipe approach cannot.


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Appropriate chimney flashing the correct chimney height properly and familiarize yourself with the characteristics of operation and maintenance of the second is to do your maintenance and chimney cleaning, especially if you have knowledge of proper installation and maintenance, repairs, and maintenance of your chimney, the chimney if the chimney is properly maintained, you will not have a fire chimney.

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