before a choice Xbox 360 or Playstation 3

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Which is better: the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?- The best gift for the gamer is a video game console. Keep that in mind going to a birthday party for his sixteen-nephew. And if you ask the seller to give you something the best and modern, he is sure to put you before a choice: the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. As a person, far from computer games, to make the right decision? To read this article.

If you start with the technical specifications, the processor, which is supplied with the Xbox 360, more powerful. Rather, it is more designed for games. And the Xbox 360 graphics better. If you take a screenshot of one moment of any games, you’ll notice that the Xbox is more attentive to detail and the picture looks slightly more realistic than the Ps3 but, by the way, this difference will be noticed not all games and not all scenes.

Users of both consoles can communicate in their own network-the Playstation Network and Xbox Live-ibid-download game demos, buy full versions and simply chat with other gamers. But that’s free to play over the network to only the Playstation and Xbox owners will have to purchase a paid account.

Complete with Joystick for Xbox go 2 batteries, but for lengthy games should buy more batteries, they will play even while charging. Batteries-this extra spending of 800 b. Additionally, if you decide to make him the second joystick (after playing with a friend is much more interesting), it was surprised to find that the Xbox recognizes only native Microsoft joysticks, so will have to part with even a 2.5 k. r.

So, the joystick. The Xbox it hard and big. Conveniently located in the hands. Right side convex buttons are rather small, the keys on the Bimini not separate from each other, and thus the movement of players may not be as accurate as desired. Joystick for Ps3-the exact opposite of his brother the Xbox: it significantly smaller and lighter, the keys on the pad are divided, which, of course, reduces the chance of accidental clicks, the button to the right flat and large. The joystick has a built-in rechargeable battery (recharge via USB cable) function vibration and g-sensor. Remember to Microsoft’s Xbox and Playstation: exhale with relief agreed “be friends” with accessories of other manufacturers.

before a choice Xbox 360 or Playstation 3

With regard to things that are not directly related to the games, the Ps3 more friendly menu with skillful transition between sections and subsections. Xbox 360 is not provided by the browser. And let the Ps3 browser is not perfect, but you can view videos to YouTube. For the Xbox have to separately buy wi-fi access, if necessary. Ps3 has kindly provided with wi-fi by the manufacturer.

Choosing between the two consoles, do not hold up in the store for a long time, remember that the gift horse of … well, you know.

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