How to choose the color of the walls before painting

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How to choose the color of the walls before painting – It’s no secret that color plays a major , if not , then an important role in any room , no matter where you are, affecting mood, and sometimes the health of all people living in the apartment. After color definitely affects a person’s mood . Some colors have a neutral effect of , some may deprive you of sleep , or make sluggish.

Therefore, and picked some basic tips on choosing the color of the walls during the renovation of the apartment. These colors are considered auspicious or choosing wall colors .

The red color of the walls:

– This is the most emotional , active and dramatic color. It is used in areas where the need emotion , warmth and elegance . Red color should not be used in the bedroom because of its active quality.

The blue color of the walls:

– Blue color symbolizes relaxation and cool color . Blue wall color and its shades recommended for bedrooms, meditation room or rooms designed to rest or sleep .

Yellow color of the walls :

– Is a powerful color, and intense light in its purest form . Yellow evokes a feeling of energy and excitement , stimulates the brain and is recommended in all areas where brainpower is used as a study , office, etc. This color is not recommended for areas where sunlight directly enters the room.

How to choose the color of the walls before painting

White walls :

– Is an elegant color and looks good in combination with other colors . White color is recommended for ceilings where light is reflected and illuminates the room . This color can be used in the bedroom if it is in the northwestern part of the apartment.

Green walls :

– Green brings harmony , good and healthy atmosphere in the room. Green is good for the walls of rooms where classes are held , it rejuvenates the idea. Green combined with any other color of the walls and makes it naturally neutral

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