How to choose the dishwasher

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How to choose the dishwasher

The 3-4 decades ago, our mothers and grandmothers , and could not imagine that the dishes will be not wash your hands – this job will perform a special unit , called a dishwasher. In our century, dishwasher nothing new – it is in almost every home. But how to choose the dishwasher and what to look for when buying?

Selection criteria: type of machine

Dishwashers come in desktop and embedded . Desktop machines are used in the case where the kitchen area is small and does not allow to install the embedded equipment:


The machines have a variety of options , features and design. In size , they are classified as standard , compact and narrow.

Standard machines have the following dimensions : 85 * 60 * 60 (height x width x depth) and compact – 45 * 55 * 45 , narrow – 85 * 45 * 60 . Standard ” dishwashers ” (as they are popularly called ) are designed for a family of 12 people , compact – 4-6 , narrow – 8-9 people .

Functions : the degree of efficiency and energy consumption

Each machine belongs to a class in alphabetical image (A, B, C , D, E , F, G), responsible for the degree of efficiency and power consumption machine. The degree of efficiency of the machine determines the flow of water to wash dishes . The machine , the costs for one wash cycle 14-16 liters of water, belongs to a class of high-efficiency , flow rate 17-20 liters  , 26 L – low economical .

Most choices are optimal vehicles in classes A , B, C. The higher the grade, the machine consumes less power .

drying function

Before you choose a dishwasher finally , you need to pay attention to this point, as a function of drying dishes . It is of three kinds: condensation drying ( the easiest way ) , fan and  ( hot air ) .

washing program

The machines have three types of programs dishwashing : intensive (for very dirty dishes ), moderate ( for daily use) and gentle ( for fragile items, washing is carried out at 45 ° -50 ° water). Also, some models are equipped with additional functions such as pre- soaking dishes , economical washing (if the dishes are not very dirty , the machine will consume less water ), automatic determination of the degree of contamination of utensils and so on.


It should also be taken into account when choosing a dishwasher. How to choose the color of the equipment kitchen units ? Very simple! The front panel embedded ” dishwashers ” can be easily sheathe any material , so they can fit into any decor. Stand-alone devices are often painted in the color “metallic” and white.

Trays, utensils

It might seem a small thing, but they are important. Trays may be made of plastic or stainless steel. Of course, the plastic containers for the dishes are less durable as steel and withstand any blow , and any temperature water. In addition, asking, “How to choose the dishwasher ? “, It is useful to take into account the size of the trays. In compact ” dishwashers ” small container and, for example , the volume pot there may not fit .

These are the main criteria for the selection of dishwashers . There are many additional advantages, in which there is no great need , but it makes the process of cleaning more comfortable. For example, such features include a heated pan ( when removing cookware from the is warm ) , the castle of «easy-lock» ( unterminated closes the door ) and so forth .

As a comparison, we can consider two models of cars : «Bosch» SPS63M52RU and «Hansa» ZWM447WH:

Both cars are white , 1 year warranty , the class of drying – A class car wash – And , electronic control, while washing with regular program (170 min. ) , Almost the same size . Water consumption in «Bosch» – 8 liters , her rival – 13 l . «Hansa» works a little louder – 47 dB at «Bosch» noise level is 44 dB.

Before you choose a dishwasher , you should measure the area of free space in the kitchen, determine the color of the future , ” dishwasher “, to calculate the amount you do not wish to spend on this home , ” assistant “, etc. If you are not familiar with the characteristics of such a product , as a dishwasher , how to select it – you will prompt experienced sales consultants store.

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