How to choose an electric cooking plate

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How to choose an electric cooking plate – The growing popularity of embedded hobs , in most cases , caused by a height of the building ( without additional equipment , the pressure in the gas system is not enough to lift the air-gas mixture above 11 floors). More rarely think about how to choose an electric cooking plate , owners of individual buildings (because of the remoteness of the main gas network ), and the citizens who choose to opt out of the use of gas in electricity.

The main criteria for choosing an electric cooktop

By default, the right to decide what form the cooking surface should be preferred , since the violation of ergonomic and aesthetic components in a single design concept , can not be justified by anything. Even the savings bank notes .

Of generally applicable factors should determine the model control hob , because Only an independent structure with its own governing bodies , has the right to be regarded as the right solution for options with tiered seating arrangement of the kitchen equipment. In turn, dependent panels are mounted only together with a suitable oven, which, along with its own management and has controls for the panel.

Quite naturally, if on the basis of energy consumption, will be considered well-known variants of the burners .

Once identified the main features , you can try to combine the desirable features of the future owner , with available capacities of products

But the price of the product , as well as brand recognition , we have deliberately attributed to the de minimis criteria for selection.

Do not cave

As for the comparative performance of individual models, such a question somewhat flawed , because of the uneven regional distribution markets of a particular manufacturer . Much easier and more reliable to have an understanding of the main elements of the existing options cooktops .


The easiest option embedded electrical panel , easily recognizable by its ring: the heating elements are in the form of speakers circles of different diameters , may not be as modern as smooth ceramic surface , but they are not so terrible dynamic and static loads. Plus, the replacement of cast iron ” pancake ” can be performed in-house. Fortunately, the heating elements have a private terminal blocks .

Available surfaces for relatively inexpensive hob , whether the ” stainless steel” , or just enameled aluminum painted sheet , without exception, will last much longer than stated by the manufacturer . And stories about the impracticality of sellers one of the options are nothing more than a marketing ploy . After all, the basic factor of life – there is a thorough cleaning and caring attitude , and not layering or matting . And, absolutely no matter whether you decide to still what cooking electrical panel to select either already firmly know, what you cook .


Specially designed glass ceramics, due to its structural features , allows you to not only withstand significant heat and static load , but also improves the quality daily care of the panel. But common to all types of glass surfaces , the low resistance of the dynamic load and surgical strike , with rough handling , can permanently ruin the mood of the owner of an embedded hob. By the way , the replacement of the damaged surface , due to the cost of the original ” glass “, is extremely rare and is always paired with a significant flow of funds.

Despite the fact that the appearance , almost all of the same electrically recessed panel , there are several types of heating elements fundamentally different from each other. A knowledge of these features will tell you how to choose an electric cooking plate, taking into account the well-known custom of factors:

The heating element , whose work is based on electromagnetic induction , is considered to be the most economical and safest due to the fact that the heating dish begins only after it was put on the hob . Even slightly raised above the surface of the container , you can instantly stop the active consumption of primary energy. The temperature in the area designated by the heating element , immediately begins to drop , causing the notorious security.
A few more power (up to 50 % ) would require an embedded plate with technology Hi-Light. Instead , the potential buyer will receive high-speed warm-up work surface. It should be remembered that this category of the heating elements is an optional feature in the cooking surfaces.
Halogen elements , in addition to the principle of operation is different and is a little more modest performance.
burners – the slowest of those which are used in the glass-ceramic panels , but if due to lack of access to natural gas , the question of what kind of cooking gas panel to select is not relevant, then the option panel elements can be considered as the most affordable .

Features of installation and connection

The distance from the panel to the full extraction should be about 80 cm, whereas the electrical panel to select cooking irregular shape , or in-line heating elements can be of lesser height and to the working space, but not less than 60 cm.

As mentioned above, the main feature of the installation is dependent on the hob in the actual binding it to the oven . The relative disadvantage is compensated by the need to take stock of only one outlet that is powered by a cable of sufficient cross-section through the circuit breaker . While all independent equipment , due to significant power , requires a separate .

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