How to choose an electric oven cabinet

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How to choose an electric oven cabinet

If using an electric oven can quickly and easily prepare delicious meals for their households . However , it appears in your home , you must have accurate information about how to choose an electric oven cabinet .

Home-made food , cooked in a oven , a large table collects the entire family , and the smell of baking dough- flavored hot or creates a cozy atmosphere in the house . Electric oven can perform many functions. Nowadays, manufacturers offer a great range of ovens that are built into the kitchen furniture .

So, the oven : how to choose the right model ? Ovens are divided into 2 types: dependent or independent .

Oven type

Oven -dependent type should be installed directly below the cooking surface, which is controlled by the buttons on its front panel. The cooktop and oven should be dependent of one brand .

It often happens that some models of devices of this type are not compatible with each other even if they are from the same manufacturer . So how to choose a brass electrical cabinet of the dependent type should always consult an expert.

Independent oven

One of the benefits of independent ovens , compared with associates , is that you can buy the device without worrying about compatibility with cooking hobs , and place it anywhere in the kitchen .

There is another classification of the ovens. Ovens are static (non- convection ) and convection . Oven static type has a heating element 2-3 , which are top and bottom. It can operate in three modes of heating . Using this oven any hostess can cook a quick and delicious pies , cakes , pizza, fast food .

Oven with convection – is a multifunctional device , equipped with a microwave and a steamer . Also, it is possible to cook food using a variety of automatic programs . These handy devices can be called a reliable partner of this mistress. They contain 2 to 4 heating element and the back of the device with a fan , which provides uniform air distribution . Thanks to these specifications in the ovens of this type can cook the most complicated dishes .
Additional Features

How to choose an electric oven cabinet , if you love to cook but hate to clean the oven at the end of the process. Especially for such hostesses manufacturers have come up with some technical details . Available in models of ovens , which provide for the pyrolytic cleaning function . This process is carried out by a locked door . Oven heated to a certain temperature, and all the fat burn .

Devices are available that can work as a double boiler . In these ovens provides the possibility of combining steam and heat, allowing you to create true culinary masterpieces.

Comparative characteristics of some models of ovens

Zanussi ZOB 360X ( independent) – this is a budget option for the budget conscious consumer . There are six modes of cooking. There is also a grill , a mechanical timer, defrost function , thermostat. The set includes a baking tray , wire rack , tray to collect moisture. Besides the low price , the dignity of this model is that the device consumes a small amount of energy.

Oven Fagor 5H-196X independent type – a very popular model . This oven can be called multi-functional . In it are eight modes of cooking , electronic display, electronic temperature control , defrost and fast heating, self-cleaning function . The kit includes 2 baking sheets and 2 grilles.

Oven with convection independent type Bosh HBN 43W350 be able to meet the requirements of the most demanding mistresses. It provides seven kinds of heating . There is a defrost function , small and large grills , grill with convection ,  self-cleaning system , the protection of children. This oven has a high-quality interior finish.

Oven with convection independent type and function of a double boiler Electrolux EOB98000X. This modern device has 11 heating modes . The design of the oven is a steam generator and the water container . The device is using electronic sensor system Vision. The front panel is a graphical LCD display type. How to choose recipes from 85 proposed by the manufacturer , the device can run automated programs, such as 9 programs cooking by weight and 11 programs for the meat probe .

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