How to choose a faucet

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How to choose a faucet

By choosing a new mixer should be approached very carefully , because this device is intended for mixing hot and cold water. And do without water , perhaps , can not no man . Preference is better to give the mixer from the more or less well-known manufacturers . Unlike cheap and little -known brands , they are able to ensure the stable operation of your new mixer and sufficient durability . This article will talk about how to choose a reliable mixer , what are the criteria for its selection and what you need to pay special attention to when buying .

Modern faucets can be divided into several types. They can vary the device and ease of use , as well as its purpose . Thus, the process of selecting the mixer is limited as your preferences , and the place of his future installation .

Single-lever faucets

This type of mixer is very popular among customers because of its ease of use. For on-off water, and also to change its temperature is used only one lever faucet. The angle of rotation in either direction automatically adjusts the power of the jet. This type of mixer is simple to install and can be easily installed by anyone at following instructions.

twin valve

This is the classic mixer with two valves . One of them controls the output of cold water and the other – hot . Undoubtedly , in order to achieve the optimum temperature , you need to perform more movements than in the case of single-lever mixer . However, the twin valve provides a more accurate setting of water temperature , as well as contribute to its economical use . This is most relevant apartment owners , which counters .

Two handle mixers have some drawbacks. In particular, many faced the same problem : the crane does not close until the end. This is because the rubber gasket is exposed to hard water and deformed. In this case it is better to use ceramic inserts . They are much more durable than rubber , and are less affected by the chemicals contained in tap water.


This type of mixer to hit the market plumbing relatively recently, but has already become quite popular. The fact that such a mixer eliminates the need to select each time the temperature required to protect against burning due to sudden flow is too hot or too cold water.

How to choose a faucet

This mixer is fully automatic. This is a special panel on which are located a few handles. One of them controls the water supply and the other controls its temperature . Moreover , it is possible to keep the selected setting and use them in the future. This mixer will be very beneficial to families who have children . After all, he is able to ensure their safety.

Classification by purpose mixers

Mixers can also be classified according to the purposes for which they are used. You can select faucets for baths, showers and sinks. Each of them has its own characteristics that must be considered when choosing.

Bathroom Faucets usually have a low spout . In any store you can find a mixer with swivel mechanism , and its fixed version . It all depends on your preferences. You can also find the following modifications mixer : with hand shower, with a holder for the shower. Choosing a faucet for the bathroom must be done in accordance with the characteristics of your bath and its location.

Shower faucets are more compact . In their design no switch bath  shower and spout itself. Water enters directly into it , mixing is inside the faucet .

The criteria for choosing a faucet for the sink can be just your individual requirements of both aesthetic and design . Many people prefer to combine the style of different mixers in the same room. Of course, the mixer should match the size of washing , and its spout – up to the middle shell and easy to turn.

material mixer

Mixers can be made from many materials. They can be various metal alloys , plastics , ceramics. Obviously, the material must endure the tap impacts on chemical compounds it is inevitably contained in tap water.

Undoubtedly, the best material for the production of a brass faucet . These mixers nickel to prevent corrosion , and then chrome plated and coated with enamel. They are not as heavily exposed to mineral deposits , therefore more durable.

Plastic taps are less cost. Also, they are lightweight , durable and is relatively neutral to the chemical properties of water. Their thermal conductivity is lower than that of steel structures , so they are less heat . The disadvantage of this type of mixer is a small service life due to lower strength plastic.

Faucets made ​​of ceramics have a number of undeniable advantages similar to the advantages of plastic devices. However, these mixers are brittle , so every attack against it may provoke a failure. The obvious pluses ceramic mixers include their good looks .

The correct choice depends on the quality of tap water your apartment. By purchasing substandard sanitary device, you run the risk with it a whole set of problems: the fragility , rapid failure , persistent problems with leaking water. That is why the choice of a new mixer – is responsible occupation . It is better to spend a lot of time looking for a really good option than to suffer every day with the consequences of a hasty choice.

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