How to choose gas cooktops

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How to choose gas cooktops – In recent years an increasing number of housewives prefer cooking surface . Compared to the plates , they are more compact , convenient built in kitchen units and can be used without ovens. For gasified apartments trading companies offer a wide range of panels, working on gas fuel . Below are several recommendations on how to choose a gas hob.

Types of gas cooktops

When selecting the panel, you first need to decide on its type , ie, decide for yourself whether this is associated with hob oven. Regarding this parameter cooktops are classified into dependent and independent . From the name it is clear that the independent (autonomous ) of the surface can be set independently from the oven and they are not connected .

In the next step choose the panel , suitable in size to the table top kitchen units . Dimensions cooktops vary depending on the number of burners installed on them , which can be from one to six. The more burners , the OVERALL surface and wider footprint . Answering the question ” what kind of cooking gas panel to choose? “, It should also take into account the presence of constraints on some models built in depth niche where there should be a certain play deep into the countertop .

Before you choose a gas cooktop , is to determine its color scheme and the material from which it is made ​​. It is important to how well the chosen model will fit into the interior of the kitchen . Color solutions for the cooking surfaces are full of variety, and of the materials of these products on the market there are three main types:

1. Stainless steel – covering professional type . It is resistant to the effects of food acids and detergents, as well as impact and scratch-

2 . The enamel coating – the traditional coating, resistant to scratches and not particularly picky when in care ;

3 . Glass ceramics – a modern material with a perfectly smooth surface, easy to clean . This area calls for a careful attitude , because possible scratches and cracks can result in the impossibility of its use in the future.

Additional features cooktops

Some cooktops are equipped with additional functions , which are not binding but increases their safety and comfort in use . On what to pay more attention to how to choose a gas hob final?

1. The presence of electric ignition and function of the “gas – control” provides increased fire safety when using the cooker. Electric ignition can be automatic and mechanical.

2 . Some boards are equipped with fast-heating burners WOK, which allow to cook food faster than a conventional burner. This feature will attract the attention of fans grilling and crispy crusts .

3 . Lattice and the surface burners can be cast-iron , tempered glass or enamel . Sometimes equipped with hot plates feature a flame in the 2-4 range .

4 . The switches control the flames come with twist and touch controls.
Comparative characteristics of several models

Having defined the basic parameters of the gas panel , choose a decent brand of this technique . The more modern model than its more famous producer and the more functions it has , the higher will be the cost accordingly panel. Although the products are often of little-known brands at a relatively low price can have great value.

As an example , we compare the parameters and similar feature set models from well-known manufacturers in the medium price range. The most popular among buyers are autonomous with four panels of glass or tempered glass WITH ELECTRONIC function and gas control. The dimensions for embedding constitute about 60 x 50 cm.

What kind of cooking gas panel to choose from listed ? After a comparative analysis shows that the size of niches needed for embedding panel Hotpoint-Ariston are more attractive because no depth limitations . In addition, the Italian model is equipped with enamel , not iron railings and a specular color , and it horoscho reflected in its appearance.

Model Bosch does not have WOK hob and electric ignition function it is not automatic that is not very convenient. For plates brand Gorenje , an additional year of service , but as far as this is necessary if the panel quality of service does not need ? This panel is more expensive than others , but nothing of them are released.

With all these advantages and disadvantages , focusing on the price, we can say that the most attractive to the buyer will be panel Hotpoint-Ariston. Following this logic, one can compare different models of cooktops in various price categories and choose the best option.


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