How to choose Multicookings

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How to choose Multicookings

Multicookings can be considered a sort of ” magic pot “, which boils , roasts , bakes , sprays and even a couple of cooks. Aromatic roast, stewed vegetables , delicious milk porridge and soups, grilled meats and meat rolls , pies – all of these delicious and nutritious meals you can prepare with the help of this wonderful pan. But the most important thing – to cook , you will spend much less time. All you need to do – load products in the bowl Multicookings , select the program and wait for the sound of readiness dishes. So, how to choose Multicookings ?

The selection criteria

Multicookings – a ” Cooker ” with removable bowl inside and cover with a special valve that provides sealing Multicookings bowl when it is closed . Choosing Multicookings , pay attention to the following characteristics:

capacity of the device ;
the volume of the bowl ;
inner coating and the material body ;
modes of operation ;


Cooking rate in Multicookings depends on the power tool. The optimum capacity of 670 watts. More powerful Multicookings will cook much faster , but will cost several times more expensive than a device with less power .
The volume of the cup

The next option that is worth considering when choosing Multicookings , – the volume of the bowl. Good guide here will be the number of people in your family . So , for a small family of 2-3 people will be enough 2 -3 -liter Multicookings . If you have a large family, you love to entertain and do it often enough , it is better to buy Multicookings more – with a bowl of 4-5 liters.

If you do not know what to choose Multicookings and better get a little more : there you can cook any amount of food , whether it be breakfast for two or a large dinner party .

Internal coating and housing material

Most often occurs in Multicookings non-stick coating . It is much rarer to find for sale Multicookings with marble coating. A significant difference between the two coatings do not exist – they are both reliable, durable and require very little maintenance. As for the enclosure material , the undoubted favorites are metal Multicookings – they are better, and more durable than plastic .
How to choose Multicookings : Modes of operation

A typical set of cooking programs in Multicookings has 6 modes of operation , in some models of 8-10 . The most popular are the following modes :

buckwheat (suitable for preparation of various side dishes and cereals ) ;
milk porridge (allows you to cook gruel with milk or water) ;
pilaf (suitable for cooking potatoes, pasta , various rice dishes ) ;
quenching (ideal for cooking complex dishes from cereals , meat and vegetables ) ;
Baking (lets cook charlotte , muffins , pies, roast chicken pieces or whole) ;
steaming ;
warming ( warming up dishes in automatic mode);


Multicookings can have different functions , which not only greatly facilitate the process of cooking , but also saves time .

A handy feature – Delay start timer , which allows to set the time after which start cooking . Thus, for breakfast you will always be freshly cooked porridge for lunch – hot soup.

Letting off steam to stabilize the pressure inside the unit and is one of the security features used Multicookings .

Well, if you will Multicookings provides automatic heating . In this mode, after the preparation of the dish will be kept in a warm state for 12 hours (on some models – up to 24 hours) .

Best Multicookings

Now that you know how to choose Multicookings . It is time to talk about favorites – multivarok models that are most popular in the domestic market. Determine the choice of the best Multicookings :

Daewoo Electronics DMC- 150 – is a small-sized device that is the perfect assistant for a small family. Particularly good at this Multicookings various soups , cereals , diet and children’s meals .

The main advantages of Multicookings Oursson MP5005PSD – easy management, interesting recipes , versatile and detailed display . At the same time , the device is insufficiently high temperature mode, ” Fry “.

The “punch ” Multicookings Cuckoo CMC-HE1054F – perfect heating system , intuitive controls , voice guidance . The device has 13 degrees of security , copes with the cooking as the low and high pressure . It seems , CMC-HE1054F completely devoid of any flaws or defects .

Multicookings Moulinex Minut Cook – this is the “magic garshochek ” with a volume of 6 liters bowl . With this Multicookings you can not only feed a large family , but suddenly appeared on the verge of guests. The main advantages of Multicookings – function pressure cooker and absolutely safe operation: in case of over temperature device is turned off.

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