How to choose a pump drain fecal

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Sewage transfer task with no solid impurities consisting during the lifetime of dwelling-houses, cottages, private homes, businesses, and very different. Line pump drainage of stool. Sewage pumps types and features an appropriate choice.

What is the difference of sewage pumps

The main difference from conventional sewage drainage pumps is that it can work only with water that is contaminated with solid particles. While the drain pump is working in an environment where often found stones and other heavy drawers, and can lead to breakage of the impeller. In this connection, the provision of sewage pumps with a network filter that prevents the solid impurities, and the size, which can be dangerous for the equipment.


Be arranged fecal sewage pumps in a different principle. Determination that a candidate, it is also designed for pumping water without suspended solids. The maximum size of small hole diameter banks that absorb feces, often in 35 mm or more. Most of the pumps automatically because of the float switch.

Types of sewage pumps

Pumps rated stool depending on design and method of installation are as follows:
1. submerged.
2. submersible.
3. external (surface).

Pump fecal

With this equipment you can pump water in floods basements, rain water drainage and watering plants grown on the site. Although fecal home still pump designed to remove sewage from septic tanks and sewage treatment plants on the other.

Due to the fact that the environment may be more likely that the submersible pump chemically aggressive cases and produces the core work of the device uses a chemically resistant materials-cast iron or stainless steel.

A build machine by automatic action does float. Must be submersible pump on the bottom of the tank, under the sewage. Installation of fecal pump is on the ground, in the following order:
to the bottom of the tank, which will be attached to the water pipe.
The bars on the walls, which reduce the pump.

metal chain or cable connecting the pump, it needs to drain the pump to the bottom;
wastewater by using a rope to guide the pump down and put on weight is the weight of unit installation pipes.

How to choose a pump drain fecal

If you need to repair equipment or test their functioning, the pump can be easily extracted from the reservoir to the surface.
Thanks to the functionality and ease of use consumers prefer to buy these pumps for the home sewer. These units produced up to 40 kW, providing rapid pumping of wastewater and its height to height of 20 metres (about 400 M3 per hour).

Equipment submersible half stool

Located in a submersible pumps to clean them, so that the sewage was pumped in, the engine remained on the surface. The installation is on the floats, and control the correct position of the pump during operation.

Qatar navigation channels less than sewage submersible pumps, so there is a size limit of solid impurities that may be present in contaminated water. The maximum diameter of the particles in the effluent-15 mm. In addition, this equipment can provide no additional milling machine (helicopter), but needs the bandwidth and the power of semi submersible sewage pumps are fully satisfactory, as is evident from the views of users.

If you need to install a sump pump or vacation home, where we plan in the future to remove fluid and waste oil and sewage, submersible device-and this is what you need.

Surface pumps fecal

There is another type of device, the contaminated fluid pump-pump of the sewage. It is located on the edge of the tank waste and waste drains hose only. The main advantage is in the navigation unit (pump easily moved to any place) and low cost. But power is much less compared with submersible or submersible equipment, bandwidth is very small-should not exceed 5 mm diameter solids.

No fecal body surface pump leak water, making it impossible to work stable. When rain and spray water on site breaking tool is inevitable, and in the cold season, banks within the unit, easy to freeze, which leads again to harm him. These features limit the scope-fixed equipment can only work in confined spaces. Otherwise the facilities building sewage tank nearby (pit, diver, etc.).

Choose fecal pumps

Before homeowners and home country in pumping equipment selection is often the question is how to choose pump stool. To choose the best option, you must know the following parameters:

-Depth of immersion pump;
-The distance from the water to the point where banks are moved.
-Equipment performance-determining amount of sanitation and the speed with which you want to pump, and expressed in cubic metres per hour or liters per minute.
-Amount of solid impurities that are likely to be in the sewage.
-Tube diameter sewer through which sewage will be stool to the septic tank.

In determining the height you must raise the effluent is pumped to a depth of immersion the attached hose length (in meters) of the tub where the liquid will go divided by 10 (from 1 m long in the vertical direction is horizontal length 10 m). For example, the pump is lowered to 5 meters deep, where the Elimination of wastewater 20 metres we make simple calculations: so, in this case the need for fecal sewage tank pump lifting water to a height of 7 meters.

Wood in building sewage pumps

Pumps for pumping wastewater and fecal matter can be classified as follows:
1- aggregates without hacking designed to waste water cold or hot.
2- Chopper for hot or cold liquids.

Look at each type in more detail:
1- sewage pumps hot:
– Sanitary pumps for hot liquids without hacking used if necessary to regulate the flow of fluid from the sink, bath or washing (dishwasher) machines. This equipment indispensable when remodeling the apartment or House and portable kitchen or bathroom away. Pump without splitting the hot wastewater can withstand temperatures of liquid transferred to 900 C.
– Sewage with hot hacking able to operate in temperatures up to 950 C banks crush well with waste too dense. Installation can be performed anywhere and any equipment and plumbing.

fecal pumps designed for pumping waste water hot without slicing, redevelopment in the bathroom or kitchen can easily hide from prying eyes, and is very important in terms of aesthetics.

2- sanitary pumps cold:
-Sanitary pump installed for pumping cold liquid wastes without cutter allows you to connect multiple types of plumbing. Despite the ease of use, can’t forget the constraints of pumping waste water-temperature up to 400 C. due to the fact that the helicopter rotate completely, all the elements in it, you should make sure that enters the sewers.

-Discharge of liquid waste from the cold-and this is often a toilet stool pump for the health system. Accumulates stool, experience them, and then sends the risers and beyond. To connect with toilet equipment comes with an adapter. These pumps are operated for a long period on the working conditions of runoff and maximum temperature of 400 C, Max.

In summarizing the toilet waste pumping cold hacking of heavy gauge tube not required also to drain before sending in the sewage system will be completely crushed.
Thus, the range of products is very wide. The best thing that could help identify pump stool.

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