How to choose a TV for the kitchen

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How to choose a TV for the kitchen – It’s no secret that for a comfortable stay , many set in the kitchen LCD TV , because the kitchen often collected household and their friends for friendly gatherings and recreation. In this regard, the question arises , how to choose a TV for the kitchen ? In answering this question , it should be noted that the LCD TV for the kitchen must meet certain requirements and , above all , must possess an enviable performance in conditions of the kitchen, where , as a rule, wet, hot and smoky. In addition there are a number of requirements when choosing a TV.

1. Since the kitchen space usually is not large , should be considered when choosing a LCD TV models are lightweight and compact . There must be to calculate the most appropriate for your kitchen such diagonal TV. To do this, multiply the coefficient on 6 meters in length kitchen . For example, if the TV monitor to be four meters , it is recommended to buy a TV monitor with a diagonal of 22-24 inches.

2 . Because the kitchen is usually little space to install a shelf or TV stand is very problematic. Therefore it is better to fix the LCD TV to the wall bracket . The bracket can be included with the TV , or it can be easily purchased at any store.

3 . In order to have high-quality transmission of images on a TV , you should pay attention to the contrast and color reproduction , which are , respectively , 800:1 and 600:1 . These values ​​indicate that under these terms, dark areas on the TV monitor in the 800 and 600 times differ highlights. Therefore it is recommended to choose a TV above these values ​​contrast and color levels .

4 . The next parameter , you should pay attention when choosing a TV – it’s brightness setting produced the TV image. Most appropriate measure of this parameter is the rate of 400 to 450 cd / m . If the index is below that , over time, a person may have problems with his vision.

5 . When selecting a TV should pay attention to its angle , as it affects the quality of the image from any place of the kitchen space . It is recommended to choose the model that have a minimum viewing angle of 170 degrees , and it is better if this figure will be higher.

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