How to choose a water heater for apartments and houses

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How to choose a water heater for apartments and houses

Season repair of heating systems of public utilities in full swing , and this entails a planned shutdown heating water. Although reduced “shelf winter swimming ” up to 10 days , the prospect of heating water in a saucepan or ask for it to friends to visit few people rejoice . And not surprisingly, the sharp increase in demand in commercial networks for water heaters . However, before you go shopping, you need to know how to choose a water heater for the apartment , focusing on its individual characteristics.

Water heater – it is a technical device that provides uninterrupted hot water supply. Suitable for both holiday homes and is a great way out in case of temporary supply hot water in homes apartment type . And in order to correctly determine the order , which is better to buy a water heater in a centralized water supply to choose one type of device. They are flowing and memory .

Choose a water heater for the apartment

The first is to assess the possibility of wiring. Since the data is electrical device requires more power , which may require replacement.

What type of water heater to choose – flow type or storage ? First of all, we must start from the family and how often will need to appear in heating water. If the apartment is home to more than three people and hot water is usually used often and for long periods , it is better to give preference to flow-through type.

Instantaneous Water Heater : How to Choose the Right Model

The name may already be said about the principle of its operation. Running water gets inside the device and where it is heated to the desired temperature by means of Tena . One minute a compact water heater can heat up to 35 º C and above from 3-8 liters of water.

Who is the heating element , and how the process of heating the water ? PETN is a copper tube , which is pressed into a spiral of  heating . It allows  work without fear of air pockets , and this determines their reliability and long service life.

Cold water fills the pipe in which the heating element and passing through it follows already hot . It should be noted some feature of these heaters . In order to quickly heat a large amount of water to the desired temperature , requires high power electric heating element ( 3-27 kW). And this is not any kind of wiring can withstand. Therefore it is recommended to install them in homes where there are electric stove.

To know how to choose the storage water heater , which brand to prefer , you should learn in detail all the technical characteristics and read reviews about the work of the consumers. Here we give you the basic direction and basic concepts , so that you can at least set priorities in the selection.

water heater

In this case, it is worth considering that this type of water heater will require significantly more space , as it fitted tank from 30 to 200 liters. In the water vessel is dialed , wherein as the flow and is mounted heater which heats the water exposed to temperature ( 35-85 ) . Then you automatically shutdown. Once the sensor caught lowering heat water to 0,5 º C, there is an automatic inclusion of PETN . Buck has long supported the desired temperature due to the foam layer .

How to choose a water heater for apartments and houses

With regard to the wiring , in which case it would cause less disturbance . Probably will not even have to change it. The average power of this water heater is 2 kW. In this case a correct estimate and select the power of the electric and fuel capacity . For gentle treatment and increasing resource use water heater , good will slowly heat the water for about the same as heated kettle over low heat.



What type of water heater to choose – can be solved only on the basis of the technical parameters of the water heater and the needs of the family in hot water.

If the apartment is given an electrical device will serve no one tap , you should purchase a flow-type apparatus . In the case of a single crane , the best option would be funded model .

Suitable for kitchen and small volume water heater (5-15 liters), the size of which will be compact for installation under the sink . But for the families of more than three people , such a model , even with a much larger capacity , would not be very convenient, since the maximum time being under the shower will be about 10 minutes. And the next showering can be done only in 1-1.5 hours .

To enjoy hassle-free hot water heaters should be used such minimum capacity of 150 liters and install them better in special rooms or basements.

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