How to choose a wallpaper for every room und wallpaper

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Nothing adds color and pattern to a bedroom like beautiful wallpaper. But the truth is many people are a little intimidated by the idea because they think wallpaper costs too much per square foot and is nearly impossible to install without a professional. If that is the case for you, we got some great news.

These days wallpaper comes in a vast range of styles for both small and big budgets. There is also a wide selection of options designed for do-it-yourself installation. For example, peel and stick wallpaper, which is perfect for rental bedrooms, is a snap to both hang and remove. To help you refresh your space, we collected our favorite wallpaper decorating ideas for bedrooms.

There is no point in making your home look stunning if you choose a material that does not go to another would have to be redone or replaced within months. It’s no secret that successfully matched the wallpaper is completely up to the future appearance of the room, and the atmosphere in it. However, few people know that properly chosen fabric can also hide a rather obvious flaws in the room.

This is why you need to know the basic rules and principles of their choice. The first step is to correctly estimate the ratio of the size of the room, with its lighting. If the room is small and poorly lit, then in no event it is impossible to buy a wallpaper with large drawing and dark colors. For small rooms with bad lighting, the best option would be light colors, fabrics mainly without pictures or small decorative inclusions.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of colours, as it should be in harmony with all the other things in the room. In particular, with curtains, furniture, carpets, lamps and with other elements of decoration. If you choose the wallpaper for walls with the colors of all the elements is quite difficult, it makes sense to pick the most neutral shade, predominantly pastel palette.

It is important that the color spectrum wallpapers in all rooms of the apartment or House was a great contrast, but not monotonous. Many designers recommend to combine Leafs in dull shades with wallpaper bright saturated colors.

You should also consider the functional purpose of premises. In the kitchen, or hallway to get vinyl or painted cloth, because they are easy to clean and long time retain their original appearance.
the wallpaper in the living room to the living room has a preferred screen printing or textile wallpaper, which look very festive and elegant. For the living room should give preference to silk screen fabric or wallpaper that looks very festive and elegant. In the bedroom is the most appropriate vinyl backgrounds on non-woven backing, because they have a long shelf life and are in a wide range of variations of color and textures.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of wallpaper for children’s rooms, as they should be, not only beautiful, fun for kids, but also, most importantly, environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for health. Such criteria may be completely made of paper or fabric wallpaper, because they pass air.

When you select a pattern you need to take into account the fact that in rooms with lots of pictures or photos wallpaper with large drawing will not look appropriate. The rooms are ideal for monochrome canvases, most with small designs. All of these simple rules will help to choose an interesting and entertaining activity. Wallpaper can be whimsical and luxury. However, home decoration ideas, it’s a unique option for creative expression in the House.

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