Choosing the best processor

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Choosing the best processor – The correct choice of processor will depend very much : the performance of all the components of your computer or laptop , the performance of the operating system and various applications and programs that you use for work and for entertainment.

So what you need to know to choose the right processor for your computer ?

To begin to determine the socket , ie connector that is installed on the motherboard you purchased . You must remember that the connector for the CPU on the motherboard and the processor must be identical. If you intend to buy a processor for the computer you already use (ie, want to replace the old processor to the new ) , you can define a socket motherboard , for example, in the program Everest. Also, you can manually remove the side cover of the computer and see the motherboard manufacturer , and burn her specification. Thereafter, at the manufacturer’s website , you can easily using the data obtained show all the characteristics of your motherboard , including the socket.

Today I want to talk only about the processors Intel, as I am an advocate of using these chips for many years. To Chala on I will only mention that office computers will be sufficient to use the socket LGA1156, for use in a home computer will be sufficient socket LGA1366, but for gaming computers and for those who are not seriously engaged in 3D modeling, I suggest using socket LGA2011.

The next step in choosing a processor is to determine an appropriate frequency . I want to mention that many computer users are unaware of chasing a high frequency , but neglected the number of cores ( crystals ) processor. They think that the dual-core processor , for example, with a frequency of 3 GHz and above will be much more productive than a quad 2 GHz . In fact it is not. After four core processor with a frequency of two gigahertz each – that’s eight gigahertz instead of six as in dual core . Also, when choosing a processor and motherboard – pay attention to the maximum speed with which operates bus motherboard . Previously , on older computers , limit its work in the area was 533 Hz , and now you can pick up the motherboard with the bus more than 2 GHz. This option is also very important, as a significant effect on the performance of all the iron , which is installed in the system unit , including memory, hard drive, etc.

Choosing the best processor

Now let’s define what the CPU ( which CPU frequency ) will be enough for the office computer . Keep in mind that running all kinds of office applications and programs , even for parallel operation of several such applications – will be enough dual-core processor with a frequency of 2.5 GHz or slightly higher.

As for the home or the more gaming computer , here it is better to opt for a quad-core processor with a frequency of 2 to 3 GHz -plus . This processor will be quite enough for any challenges , multimedia applications , as well as the heaviest modern games .

Still want to mention , if you want to install on your computer CPU performance also need to be concerned about his good cooling . After heat powerful processor is large enough and should take care of allocation of this heat . Advise only one , do not use powerful processors boxed (standard ) coolers . Better Internet search brand coolers , which left good reviews. Also be sure to follow so that you purchased the cooler had compatibility with your CPU socket .

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