how to clean brassware at home

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how to clean brassware at home –¬†Brassware have a peculiar , unique beauty , and often they are used not only as dishes in the kitchen , but also as decorative elements. However, over time copper is typically ” greens ” and covered with dark spots.

How to return its original copper shine ? Below are tips for caring for copper products : how to clean copper and return it shine .

Our grandmothers still clean the old copper objects : in very hot water dissolve a small amount of liquid detergent . However it is better to use half a lemon : rub them surface of the copper object, rub the brush and then rinse with water .

In order to give a radiant glow of copper, can be prepared from a mixture of flour , vinegar and coarse salt . Rub the mixture of copper object and dry with a soft cloth.

If copper is very old and is heavily polluted , put it in a liter of boiling vinegar and add 2 tablespoons salt. After the product has cooled, rinse with water and wipe dry.

If you only need to add luster to copper objects , buff it into a small ball of crumpled paper – an old trick that was once used for cleaning windows.

It should be remembered that if you use copper utensils for cooking, you need to carefully monitor her condition . As is the case with rust if copper becomes gray-green color , it is better not to use it as toxic substances into food and along with it – in your body .

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