how to clean burnt ceramic pan

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how to clean burnt ceramic pan – Ceramic pans are gaining more and more fans . They are environmentally friendly and allow to cook a lot of dishes. Each possessor need to know how to wash the ceramic pan from contamination , while not damaging it .

There are a few rules for the care of ceramic pans :

1. To get rid of stains on the pan, appeared after cooking fatty foods, soak it in warm water with a mild detergent intended for dishes . Thereafter, the washed scorodite conventional sponge. In that case, if you spot a ceramic surface is not washed off , pour a little vinegar to the pan and heat it . Then wash the conventional manner.

2 . Never wash has not chilled ceramic pan. It can greatly deformed.

3 . Wash a pan can also be in the dishwasher , setting the low temperature and adding a small amount of detergent .

4 . Impossible during washing ceramic pans use scouring powder , steel wool , abrasive cleaners, containing acids or alkalis, abrasive sponges and chlorine.

5 . Wash the pan only need a mild detergent and a soft sponge only .

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