how to clean a cloudy crystal vase

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how to clean a cloudy crystal vase – Crystal Vases – beautiful decorative tableware, which complements the elegance of the room a bouquet of flowers . Alas, the composition of water and fermentation, coming from flowers, transparency and spoils the beauty of crystal, and not always the accumulated silt washed off with plain water . Capacity to return her beauty and rich look , you need to understand how to clean a crystal vase . There are several approved and proven ways .

1. Make a thick soda solution . While soda is dissolved , pour vase torn newspaper. Pour the soda water . Leave a vase for a couple of hours to eroded dirt on the walls and bottom of . If a vase with a wide neck , you can further rub it with the brush .

2 . A solution of water and vinegar washes away plaque from the same crystal , you just pour it into a bowl , let it brew  . A similar effect is achieved by water with citric acid . After cleaning , rinse the vase must- towel and rub .

3 . Granulate eggshells soak the gel for her dishes and pour in a vase. Dilute with water and shake . Drain and rinse the dirty water vase.

4 . Fill the vase with water with acetic rice. When shaking water to clean the entire grain capacity – and the bottom, and the wall .

5 . To remove plaque on crystal use detergent bath .

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