How to Clean a Coffee Maker

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How to Clean a Coffee Maker – Coffee makers should be cleaned every three months. If you notice some scaliness ( whitish or gray residue on the coffee ) or if your coffee does not taste as good as before , you may need to clean it more often.

materials Needed

dishwashing soap

tools Required

coffee maker
wooden spoons

Pour 1 cup of vinegar and 2 cups water in your coffee pot and stir with a wooden spoon . After combined , pour the mixture into the reservoir of your coffee maker . Place pot back on the warming plate and turn on the coffee maker , as if you are going to cook a pot . Do not add coffee grounds or filter.

When a mixture of vinegar through the system completely , fill it out and wash the coffee pot with soap and water. Allow the pot to dry.

Fill the pot with water to the maximum amount of cups ( as indicated in a glass jar ) . Pour the water from your bank in the reservoir , place pot back on the warming plate and turn your coffee, as if to make a pot actually , but not add coffee grounds or filter.

How to clean a Coffee Maker with vinegar

Once the water in the system and back into the pot , empty coffee pot, wash it and refill it with fresh water. Pour the water into the reservoir and start the coffee again. Once completed, you will need to cook for 1 pot of water and vinegar mixture , and 2 pots of water.

Pour a little water from the last coffee. Clean coffee with a damp sponge and dishwashing detergent and let it dry .

How to Clean a Coffee Maker

Take a sponge and weaken it . Clean all exterior surfaces coffee . Remove filter baskets ( it should snap off easily) and put it in water mixed with soap box Abstract .

Dove filter basket soak for 10 minutes , wipe all the grooves inside the basket with a sponge . Rinse baskets and let it dry .

After Shopping dry, snap it back onto the machine . Finally , put the pot back on dry warming plate .

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