How to clean your computer’s memory

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Disk Cleanup . How to clean your computer’s memory  do a disk cleanup in Windows 7 or XP .The theme of this lesson is a quick and easy cleaning of drive C. is not a secret that many people like to keep the files on your computer in order to have quick access to them. But sooner or later you will encounter a shortage of disk space . Next, we consider the most simple, but no less effective ways to clean the inside of your computer’s memory .

Disk Cleanup C. Video lesson.

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How to clean your computer’s memory

How to clean the computer’s memory from unnecessary files manually ?

No matter how corny it sounds, but should first empty the Trash . I, for instance , at the beginning of my acquaintance with the computer did not know what to simply delete files is not enough to completely get rid of them. Then you need to also empty the Trash , in which they carefully put the operating system in case you accidentally deleted something or change your mind and want to restore some files .

So, if we are talking about removing a specific file , click on it , right -click , and choose Delete approve.

Incidentally, there is another way to delete files that does not require re- remove them from the Recycle Bin. Highlight a single file by left-clicking on it and then pinch both keys Shift + Delete. A window appears with a question , respond Yes .

File is deleted from your computer , passing cart . On the one hand , quite convenient and fast, on the other hand , this method requires careful : you can not deliberate on the machine to delete a file permanently , having lost the opportunity to restore it from the Recycle Bin. So take this method adopted only if firmly believe that completely remove unwanted files and eliminates the chance of error.

Disk Cleanup in Windows from the debris. Remove all unnecessary time .

Thus, we examined how to delete individual files manually, but this is not enough to clear the memory of the computer. The fact that the hard drive , it is the hard drive , usually divided into several local drives . Typically, the system drive C and another one or more local disks. So, on the system disk , in addition to the operating system stores many temporary files that are automatically created to ensure performance of various programs. On the Disk Cleanup of debris, we need not only to free up disk space, but also to improve system performance . Therefore , if you want to maximize the performance of your computer , wipe the C drive of debris at least once a week.

How to clean your computer's memory

Now consider just how to clean up your computer’s memory .

1. To do this, open My Computer and click the right mouse button on the local disk , and then choose Properties.

3 . Patiently wait until the cleaning program estimates the location and searching for files that can be deleted. This process may take several minutes , if not carried out long cleaning drive of unnecessary files . If done regularly, and time , respectively, it will take less .

4 . A window appears showing the files and the amount of disk space that is available as a result of their removal . Check that you have marked all of the files . Normally, the system itself does it, but if somewhere there is no mark , check yourself. Click OK.

5 . Confirm the deletion of files.

6. Wait until the cleaning is the hard drive.

7. Process is complete, remove unnecessary files . Click OK.

Now you know how to clean your computer’s memory . Repeat this procedure for other local drives . On this disk cleaning is finished.

As you can see , disk cleanup in Windows 7 ( and XP, and Vista) – the process simple , convenient and very effective . Now you’ll always know how to clean your computer’s memory , while retaining the files that you may have already gathered in a desperate attempt to remove free up disk space . Do not forget to regularly clean the disks of dust and junk files, it is so you can improve the performance of the system and thus save time. Good luck in the further study of computer use .

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